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Hotel Wedding Reception

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  • Hotel Wedding Reception

    Hotel 15th Oct. 2017

    In the gloom of an Irish morning

    when the smell of the beer is sour

    and movement brings on a mortal pain

    and a float of the walls and floor

    and the wedding feast of “Salmon

    or Beef?” lingers on

    in a mouth like a sewer

    and the throat is rough

    and the voice grown hoarse

    from the craic of the night before

    of the band till one and the disco then

    that slaughtered the function room floor

    and no sight remains of the celebrant scenes

    for the memory of them is scoured

    and breakfast is on from 8 till 10

    and it's get up now or starve

    and this is day two

    of the hullabaloo

    with another day yet to go.

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    Quite the morning after, Johntee! Is it safe to say a good time was not necessarily had by all?


    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
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      No! A good time
      includes the pain.
      A necessary
      price to pay.

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    This is quite the write.

    Vivid description of reverie!


    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
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      Some bevery.
      Some reverie.
      Some inventory,
      memory from years ago.

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    Splendid stuff, Johntee. It flows so well, and evokes the situation so fittingly. Great read!


    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
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      Thanks Grant. Beans and booze. What a life!