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The Lake Of Fire

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  • The Lake Of Fire

    Hypocrites like me should not be writing poems like this! Lol! I'm sure I'll end up in the lake! Lol! But this poem is quite good and the storytelling in rhyme is good . . .I think???? Lol!


    I had a dream last night
    It really gave me a scare
    It was about a strange place
    And you don't want to go there

    In the dream it was morning
    And as I hopped out of bed
    I started to shrink and get smaller
    and I felt light in the head

    I felt like a leprechaun
    Or perhaps ---- the tiniest elf
    I felt really strange
    I didn't feel like myself

    Now, this is the part
    that seems rather absurd
    Somehow I'd transformed
    into the tiniest bird

    I was small like a finch
    but I was white like a dove
    And I felt really light
    like the clouds up above

    Now, I know that part
    seems awfully strange
    And I don't know what actually
    caused me to change

    But I was so happy
    I had tears in my eyes
    I spread my white wings
    and I took to the skies

    I flew over a mountain
    then over some hills
    I was out in the country
    where I saw some windmills

    I flew over a forest
    I flew over a stream
    And I was really beginning
    to like this strange dream

    I flew over a large lake
    It was vast and wide
    And there were lots of large fish
    like bass inside

    The water was beautiful
    It was so crystal clear
    And it was surrounded by wildlife
    which would often draw near

    Bald eagles would come
    to fish and to feast
    And I saw some large antlers
    on a large deer-like beast

    I was exploring the lake
    but suddenly ---- the lake had caught fire
    And to escape the hot flames
    I had to fly higher

    But I could still feel the flames
    and their steel-melting heat
    Especially on the tips
    of my tiny bird feet

    I flapped and I flapped
    And to my great surprise
    My wings kept me up
    despite their small size

    The water looked like lava
    and it was covered with flames
    And I saw two kinds of angels
    which had special names

    I saw clouds of black smoke
    I watched it billow and rise
    It burns just like soap
    when It gets into your eyes

    That fiery lake!
    It sure looked like Hell!
    And I could swear ---- I detected
    a strong brimstone smell

    Then all of a sudden
    I saw men in the lake
    Their facial expressions
    you could not mistake!

    They were expressions of Horror
    And also of Grief
    There was weeping and wailing
    And gnashing of teeth

    One of the men saw me
    and he started to scream
    His scream woke me up!
    It was only a dream!

    Now some people will tell you
    that there's no 'Burning Lake'
    And that the things in the Bible
    are just fiction or fake

    But that is their problem
    if they choose not to believe
    Or if their eyes are not opened
    so they can not perceive

    Just like in the Garden
    with Adam and Eve
    the Devil's sole purpose
    is to go out and deceive

    But that little bird I changed into
    is certainly no liar
    And he saw the Lake
    and it was burning with fire
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    Fantastic loved it


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you very much!

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    This is very good in my opinion! They rhyming was great and they story was interesting. Was this a real dream or just a poem? Either great imagination!!👏👍🏻👍🏻


    • Rhymeboy
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      If you have time, could you tell me what you think of my poem 'The Locket'?

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    Thank you LovesDaisies ! It was just a poem! Not a real dream! Thank God Lol!
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      It's like 'Alice in Wonderland' meets 'Icarus' in a way - wild stuff Rhymeboy.


      • Rhymeboy
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        Yes it is I guess.

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      Who’s gonna ride that chrome three wheeler

      Who’s gonna make that first mistake

      Who’s what’s to wear those gypsy leathers

      All the way to fire lake