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words alone.

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  • words alone.

    Purusha ... your heavenly light
    sets signals to my sight
    only i could begin to combine,
    slowly, paring, to entwine
    clash of opposites sound
    like fricatives and nouns
    pieces of this house-- much
    different than, one shift
    creates the house which
    to us is built, around us made;
    and yet here we are,
    little thought -- express
    what? -- i think they sleep
    in worlds unreachable by mine;
    like light in the core
    burning like the flaming fire
    which we breathe. after
    the daze of my triumph
    over the dimming moment,
    being taken away --
    paradise, phantasy,
    Melusine, you always show
    your true face, friend
    or stranger, moving or not.
    to puzzle that pressure
    upon eyes and limbs,
    according into movement
    some semblance of a scheme--
    it doesn't have to rhyme,
    it might be more than this--
    i just habitually fall in love
    like these rusted nails driving
    through the point,
    pained to express that life
    still buzzing in me.

    half-way jaded,
    something wrong?

    we somehow
    get by
    on words alone.

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    Very nice ! Very nice !