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  • Daily Drama

    The mornings borrowed glory

    Wakens day, dark discharged by dawn

    Life revealed it's auspices auditioned

    For Mother Natures Theatre

    Script of epic variety

    Dialogue dances drama enamours

    Creations cast celebrates

    Plot directed with infinite extra's

    Yet as performance peaks

    Solar shine reaches full passion

    Turning to hug the afternoon

    Until evening's encores embrace

    Curtains fall, signalling exodus

    Light audience spills through exits

    Dispersing to dream as doors closed

    Night-time theatres repose

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    I really like this Jon. Even though the title says drama and I usually view that in negative connotations, this is simply lovely.


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      Thank you. Life is the ultimate performance. Drama can be used for an overblown event that disrupts your life or excitement. I sometimes like to title my poems in a way that signposts but doesn't give the whole thing away. I want readers to take in every word and line because we are part of something amazing


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        What a beautiful take on a day - or a life! Wonderful phrasing here Jon. I really enjoyed this.