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Prayer to the Unknown (Reposted)

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  • Prayer to the Unknown (Reposted)

    In memory of James Agee

    For one who has sat alone weeping in the small boat of his
    Left hand we give witness and acknowledge that vigil under
    An indifferent sky and bleak wind for those who have tended
    Dust with a stick and have laboured as sharecroppers in their
    Day to day travails hoping only to provide a bare minimum of
    Daily victuals to support their families and to those whose
    Hearts remain empty or water-logged by lack of love that has
    Come their way or who are infirm with the weighty wash of
    Cancer in cells that has taken hold of their flesh and spirit
    While fear of death has seized their speech that lies at the
    Back of consciousness we all dwell under an oppressive
    Silence where the larger darknesses conflict us in moments of
    Weakness or clarity for the opaque exigencies of life I give
    Praise and fervent hope that we might find a sanctified place
    Of quietude in which to love mightily as the distant stars
    Spread away from us vanishing like small candles in vastness
    Beyond understanding

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    A worthy tribute-Thoughtfully composed