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  • Erased

    Memories together, are a fake
    Knowing you was
    My most fatal mistake
    Forget that we ever kissed
    Release me from this fucking curse
    So that I feel eternal bliss

    I admit that I have wronged
    But I was imperfection
    In this life for far too long
    People living their lives
    In the way that it disturbs me
    But no use crying
    Time to alter history
    As soon as I shut my eyes

    This wretched life
    Was not for me
    This broken life brought up
    The tears in me
    I will destroy myself, everything
    Until I'm no longer here
    In this fucked-up carousel of a life
    From this black-stained world of fear

    What was I to live for?
    What was I supposed to live for?
    It doesn't really matter now
    As I now don't exist, anymore

    Thoughts are with me, forever
    They weighed me down
    Forcing me to remember
    I never wanted the pain
    From you or everybody else
    But there's no use brooding, anymore
    Now please let me slip away
    Away into the clouds
    Away into a brighter day

    Another take on an emotional yet dark-sounding entry. I think I've pulled it off quite well.

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    I agree with you Bry this is well done a great write


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Thank you very much, good sir