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From Christmas Day to Valentine

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  • From Christmas Day to Valentine

    From Christmas Day to Valentine,
    Birthdays resonate like death-knells.
    Sighing an occasional whine,
    Oysterized in a pearly shell.
    Kind of alive but mummified,
    We sit silent and petrified
    On the ashes solidified
    Of dreams left along the roadside.

    From Valentine to Christmas Day,
    Years rosary departing friends.
    We choked the dreams, straightened the bends,
    Killed all sparks and froze any sway.
    Not old because never once young,
    Even from each other seclude.
    Sit in the shade, a song unsung,
    In the desert of platitude

    From Valentine to Valentine,
    From Christmas eve to Christmas day,
    Stretching the way to the punch line
    Snailing from doctor to tea tray.
    In fear of that new little pain,
    Cracking the cloak of negation,
    Sit strangers in a lone station,
    Endlessly waiting the last train.


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    Somber write. Is it sad I can see this happening? So clearly.

    BTW - welcome to the Rhymezone!


    • Huckleberry
      Huckleberry commented
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      Lucky you, to be willing to see it is to have the power to avoid it...