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  • Huckleberry
    commented on 's reply
    I took a ride in the old car a few weeks ago, looked in the mirror, got a message to get off my bum, so decided to post for a start. Good old Mirror! Thanks to him, and many thanks to you.

  • Parkinsonspoet
    I enjoyed it too- good to read- thanks for posting

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  • Huckleberry
    commented on 's reply
    Might be the trees hidden by the forest☺, thanks, very much appreciated

  • lunar glide
    some inventive reflections on classic metaphors. enjoyed it

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    commented on 's reply
    YES!!!!!!! (The prompt said I needed at least 10 characters.)

  • Huckleberry
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    Unending opportunity

  • RhymeLovingWriter
    The long way - the longer way - either way, it's all behind. What lies ahead?

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  • Huckleberry
    commented on 's reply
    Underrated indeed, inasmuch as, to some extent, we've all been there

  • grant hayes
    Quite a trip, this testament to the 'morass of grey'. Couldabeen is an underrated destination, the gateway to some fascinating tracts of wilderness.

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  • Huckleberry
    started a topic University Lecture

    University Lecture

    I could have gone 'round the earth
    With my old Beetle, a good friend,
    Bound all three for the back end,
    Making each day a new rebirth;
    Going as the butterfly flies
    From Nepal to some golden skies,
    From here nowhere to somewhere there
    From we're not sure to we don't care.

    At the crossroad was no picket,
    Got onto a sticky wicket;
    The easy road, good companion,
    To the swamps of Security,
    The scary one through a canyon
    Hiding its hospitality

    Life did not need to be a curl,
    But there was a girl, a steeple…
    Never saw hippopotami,
    Would have had to leave my mommy.
    Went on my way the easy way,
    Got bogged in a morass of grey.

    I could have been the President,
    Reshaped the entire planet
    Become the one living legend,
    Genius and mastermind magnet.
    There would be peace, there would be food,
    Good TV shows, healthy candies,
    And in my palace in the wood,
    A court of adoring dandies.

    Along the way it got tricky,
    A forest was hiding the tree.
    The boring road, good companion,
    In the plains of Triviality;
    The tricky one, through a canyon
    Hidden beyond obscurity

    Years did not need to be the same
    But there's always a baseball game,
    Was too great to be a slouch
    Would have had to leave my couch:
    Went on my way the lazy way,
    Got bogged in a morass of grey

    I could have been a great poet
    Enlightening the whole universe,
    With a stanza or with a verse,
    With the glory of a sonnet.
    Worshipped, praised by the commoners,
    The new Schmuckspeare, the new Byron,
    Would have puzzled philosophers,
    Made my way to the Pantheon.

    Along the way, there was a pit
    Must have been night, never saw it:
    The boring road, good companion,
    In the marsh of Monotony;
    The tricky one, through a canyon,
    Climbing too hard, its sides prickly.

    Life did not need to be canal,
    Rapids are tough but not banal
    Would have been great, there was a but':
    Would have had to get off my butt.
    Went on my way the boring way,
    Got bogged in a morass of grey

    Don't be a fool, get a nice car,
    You won't get stuck in the pine tar;
    It's the Beetle's rustic mirror:
    New models' filter the horror.

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