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One more for all the Deadpeople.

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  • One more for all the Deadpeople.

    anti-christic nightmare
    machine making
    the lack of breath
    you can't scream
    enough to get out, all of it
    every bit, savory;
    you can't claw your
    way up the walls;
    your eyes must be
    sharpened and
    the talons stilled, as
    the view to the kill
    haunts these skies still.

    the world of the sky
    in which my heart is buried
    not that the ocean is
    so very high, but that
    its blue an osmosis--thing
    I relate that no cause
    plunders what i imagine.
    this is like, lie, because
    it fit within a "grander" scheme.
    see the sallow smile
    the man has turned green.

    i was waiting by the clocktower.
    your words, i was impressed.
    you handed me your dearest
    valuable; i knew that night
    a time to destroy what i thought
    had come about.
    so mixed up in the dross, caught
    doing the same old thing,
    i never wondered did this wicked
    card without a face so shame
    with laughter and tears
    until the cigarette ash ran
    in what is akin to the tire treaded snow
    sludged up against the curb.

    no stirring of thought's wings
    to glide so imperturbably,
    to come face to face with
    this story come to life.
    switched from tenses, til
    it only matters if you worry-- when?
    i rather like my confusion.
    and the entropy of a stage
    as close to the dying
    moment as can be, even
    the stink of its rotting, how many
    flies hover over it.
    we know what it is.

    we know the armor
    forged in the dead-iron-heart
    our mother the vampire
    these things never rust
    and we re only like
    vestigial things --
    crosses make music
    my eyes need
    these simple things.
    doesn't matter what i meant,
    a theme to re-invent
    again with the against
    chants across the desert
    calling like i love you

    broken down in summary
    take more time to tell the rest.
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