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Friends in the Polaroid

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  • Friends in the Polaroid

    The half-shut eyes muttering

    I remember in the hospital

    she -- Camilla -- spoke of the rainbow

    people, and then, the black and white

    people. it was a side effect of
    her medicine

    I always find the way people
    see things is atleast curious, if not

    funny or peculiar;

    we actually touched which does
    not happen a lot in hospitals.

    we were horsing around
    playing with markers
    making them into swords.

    she farted and after that
    we laughed but
    we ended up
    getting awkward
    it was the hospital
    sick people
    don't touch.

    I was at work taking donations
    and they both have glasses:

    Camilla from the ward
    and this one driving up.

    I figured she was the same
    person; this because
    the car stank when I
    went in to gather her donations.

    it is peculiar and perhaps
    not so curious
    that I would remember someone
    by a memory like this.

    I am not sure I would want
    to see her

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    Colour fades
    Unfriended by time,
    Polaroid reminds,
    memory rewinds
    on lesser leads.