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  • Desperate Hour

    The hour is upon us.
    Where one must choose
    for what one stands
    by choosing
    where to stand,
    and with whom.
    For neither flags
    nor platitudes can
    substitute for scruples.
    Neither pledges nor salutes
    can stand in place of deeds.
    Not at this hour.
    Not at this time.
    Not in this place.

    For many
    meandering monologue,
    and obfuscating tongue
    men twist
    to countenance confronting this
    sifting of the tares,
    as wanton disregard of sacrifice
    on bended knees
    these pleas for quarter,
    amidst surfeiting rage,
    the exorbitant wage
    of tears for the fallen ones,
    in fear of soon-to-be-felled sons,
    find shrill
    the echo of ancient crows
    as they yet gather
    to feast upon the spoils of liberty,
    made rancid by the bigoted swell.

    And yet the chanting minions tell
    the desperate hour
    of our choosing:
    Shall those who seek
    to wreak the blood-soaked soil
    shroud the luminescent soul?
    Or will good men
    at last be stirred to offer
    more than tepid resistance
    above an ambivalent whisper?

    Will freedom's stalwarts
    at last awaken
    from their zombified rut?
    For the hour has come
    to choose
    with whom we stand,
    and for what!

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    It's a simple, effective gesture of protest and the rants about firing those who make it are the thrashings of a desperate egotist. An elegant and appropriate presidential response to the protesters would be to defend their right to express their views in this non-violent way, and to be even more eager to invite them to the White House.


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      It would require objectivity and a nuanced approach, this narcissists is clearly adverse to.

      Respect for the office, and adherence to the oath he took, would mean recognizing that constitutional values implore a leader to defend the rights of all citizens.

      Even those he disagrees with.


      • grant hayes
        grant hayes commented
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        A mature leader would listen to the appellants, admit there's an actual problem, and commit to work out a solution, with alacrity. Instead, we see intemperate, knee-jerk rants and undignified grandstanding. If anyone should be fired, it's the members of the constabulary who abuse their authority; fired and incarcerated, if necessary. And yet it's the simple non-violent protest that causes rage.

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      Simplified, he talks to the mass’s, no punches pulled. Barroom speeches. Not the way a President should talk, unless of course it is to be captured on some uncovered tape, hidden away for posterity. The unvarnished truth revealed. The media sit like vulture, in their naked tree, preying on rating. Eloquently deciphering his every word. I stand for the anthem, I stand for free speech aren’t they one and the same. (Whitney Houston’s rendition please).

      Another flash in the pan, fools gold again, 1968 history repeats itself.


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        History does indeed repeat itself.
        The simple fact is that he, and many others who choose to focus upon respect for the flag, despite the fact that it has been repeatedly stated that THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT, are using patriotism to divert from the ISSUE.

        Ironically, they are more concerned with a piece of cloth, than the senseless killing of their fellow-citizens, in violation of that most fundamental right, LIFE!!

        I have NO expectation that the current occupant of the White House will address THAT isssue!

        It is the ignorance, and defiance of the citizenry that is habitually disheartening!
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        • divot
          divot commented
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          Just my effort to see it from both sides of the coin, that’s still in the air. Of course he (Colin) could have used a different platform, perhaps a headband in Jim McMahon fashion and get fined by the league. A young black man needs a job, selling drugs does not qualify as employment. He might help in that regard.
          One can only kick the can down the road, until your leg is tried or your shoe wears out.
          “I’m wearing sandals, you kick the can“. Jesus Christ I think.

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        I realize that the manner of protest does not sit well with many people, but few realize that he got the idea for kneeling from a military veteran, who suggested that he kneel, just as some in the military do, in remembrance of their fallen comrades.

        Kaepernick is doing plenty of work, relief funds for Puerto Rico, donating around $1 million for groups that stand up for women, children, poor people, minorities, and military veterans.

        I am not sure where selling drugs comes into the equation, plenty of black men in a variety of professions, me included.

        I am not sure I understand you correctly, please explain.
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          Maturity followed by action would require taking a hard look at ourselves (all people). Sad that most are not able to be honest with themselves and therefore think no action is needed. An eloquent poem Dwayne.