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Absence of Rain

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  • Absence of Rain

    Who is gathered among us that has charm
    To sky herd the clouds

    Our western Kansas farmland for 3 years
    Like cracked lips and yearning

    Dusty roads abound the Arkansas River
    Vanished gone bone dry

    Many water diviners
    Have failed in their ritual incantations

    While vagabond clouds wander above
    In answer to no prayers

    The derelict overgrown well is dry wherein
    Spiders have built a mansion

    Rain will be the devout pilgrim who comes
    To town dispensing alms

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    A vivid meditation on longed-for rain, Tanner, to which I can relate, having lived all my life in a dry continent. There is nothing like that smell when persistent, useful rain first meets the dry dust. Pilgrim's alms indeed.

    I know of someone who - at different times - brought rain to a drought-smitten city and filled its mud-low dams, who warded off a wrecking storm, and who doused a bushfire heading for a village. I wouldn't believe it but that I saw it with my own eyes. Stranger things. Yet the rain would sweep away a family in a flash flood, and the storm's sister systems went elsewhere to wreck. Only the doused fire transposed no cost.

    Salvation is relative and temporary, and may well need to damn another.