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  • Football


    Its now fall that’s the greatest time of the year

    When football starts and plenty of cold beer

    Its when no city can figure out who will raise the winning flag

    Some teams will just stink and some teams will brag

    Many people take football as their only love in life

    And in the mean times fans forget about their wives

    The life of football has people in their own world

    As this may make families with a major concern

    When your team ends up losing you become sad

    But in the end you really know the team played very bad

    I guess this season football has really gone to my head

    And the night before the game I can't even sleep or go to bed

    I know my team will always have to stay strong

    So we can chant our great Buffalo Bills song

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    Dick Butkus, Lawrence Taylor, Richard Dent, Deacon Jones all players that would suspended from today’s game. They hit to hard. Everybody take a knee and pray for the game of old. Unless you’re a quarterback.


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      One man (or a million men)'s obsession. What luxury to have it at all!


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        I agree with you on that all the way


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          Lol, a nice poem, familiar to all men.) We all love football and the atmosphere when we all stay together and watch some games, the nerves and emotions that time are so precious. Especially if you made a bet on your favorite team, every goal attempt is like a small infarction for you.
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