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  • crumpled on the floor

    Haven’ t written a poem in a while

    It’s ninety five degrees, end of September

    That qualifies as hot, any place in the world

    Dungaree or britches

    Most people call them pants

    Caught between the long and short

    Capri? Shouldn’t it be sh-ants

    Distressed, obsessed, a bloody mess

    Dirty, full of holes

    I’m sitting on a fortune

    If I could sell my old work clothes

    Are shorts considered pants?

    If they’re cut offs, I’d agree

    I’m more concerned about the socks

    With sandals; to the knees!

    And then the case of culottes

    That look more like a skirt

    Unless of course your Scottish

    A kilt, (sexy till it hurts)

    What’s with this obsession?

    What it is and what it’s not

    Crumpled on the floor

    I’m in my underwear, because it’s to fricking hot
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    Hope you don't mind - I changed your title 'cumpled' to 'crumpled' since I figured that's what you meant. If not, I can easily change it back. We been having warmer days here too. This is a creative way to deal with it!


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      ??? Was this supposed to be a separate comment?

    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
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      Once again I'm proved
      Too clever by half, it was intended to split'
      your half the apostrophe.
      Divot's the panting dog.
      Perhaps I should have said in the U.K.
      pants are underwear, over which go trousers.
      Only today have I seen that the USA is still

    • Muttado1sb
      Muttado1sb commented
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      Took me a couple reads to find the apostrophe hole. You're probably correct divot didn't mean my Scottish peoples, Johntee. The different definitions of pants and how they play here is also a good call out.

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    Was in Scotland last year, played a round of golf at Muirfield. No woman permitted, yet dogs were welcome. Saw none in knickers’ though.

    Thank you RLW


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      Your crumpled on the floor, my puddle of me last year. September's can put in a surprising reminder of the just past summer. Nice, divot!


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        Nicely said Divot. Made me laugh.