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    Don’t make a noise, don’t make a beep,

    A candle without a wick;

    Go silently their way along,

    Days are so short, nights are so long.

    Does it matter when hope is gone

    For those willing to be by gone?

    Nights are too bright, life is too thick;

    There are men who just never sleep.

    Their tearless eyes looking aghast,

    Lost in the dream of yesteryear,

    Butterflies lost in the desert,

    Lost knights of ephemeral past,

    They freeze at the Lilliputian

    Miserly sight of the ocean,

    Its nights too bright, its life so thick,

    There are men who just never sleep.

    There once was a mighty princess,

    An Eldorado, a bright star,

    Her orbit turned them to worthless,

    A wreck, a nothing, a sandbar,

    A light house that in the dark

    Dreams of sailing home the lost ark.

    Nights are too bright, life is a blight;

    There are men just waiting to die.

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    This one gets better with each read, Huckleberry. I think you've captured a mood and a kind of life-stage so poignantly. The varied refrain in the last lines of each stanza is particularly effective: nights too bright / life and these are men. The Lilliputian / Miserly sight of the ocean is a wonderful bit of phrasing and image-making.


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