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Elegy for Cesare Pavese, 1908-1950 (REVISED)

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  • Elegy for Cesare Pavese, 1908-1950 (REVISED)

    Perhaps he was troubled
    By the moon dripping its silence
    Sheep grazing on a hill secret agents of the clouds
    The burden of the recent Strega Prize

    Pavese unlatched his eyes
    They floated off unpiloted dirigibles above Turin
    Toward the great wall of Heaven
    144 cubits high that hid its mysteries

    Cesare you ate death
    As one should quietly explore a woman
    With mind awash in her atmosphere
    Her charms like stars beyond number

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    I love this this is great unlatchied his eyes give s great image.Dirigibles is a word that i read less smoothly. Overall k reads well.


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      The two opening lines drew me right in. I cannot say I fully understand all the middle, as yet. I never really have to understand art or poetry to enjoy it. The last two lines also are a perfect bookends to the beginning. Nicely done Tanner


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        FYI, Cesare committed suicide in Hotel Roma in Turin at age 41, two months after being awarded the Strega Prize. Hence the eyes floating off above Turin described as "unpiloted dirigibles" - Pp I do see the awkwardness to which you make reference. Any thoughts on how to fix it, and make dirigibles work?

        One of Pavese's quotes that I like a lot is: "Every luxury must be paid for, and everything is a luxury, starting with being in this world".


        • Parkinsonspoet
          Parkinsonspoet commented
          Editing a comment
          that is a great quote

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        Possibly I would change the line They floated off gas gondola unpiloted above Turin