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  • Equal Rights

    Donuts are my Big Downfall,
    Filled or Not – Large or Small.
    Polish off in Nothing Flat,
    proudly Wear my “Donut Fat.”

    “Long Johns” are My favorite Choice,
    though Today I heard a Voice,
    as I Stared through Baker Panes,
    wondered Why there’s no “Long Janes?”

    So right Now let’s Start a Wave,
    stand with Me – Strong and Brave.
    Take this Message ‘cross the Land,
    promote “Long Janes” Hand in Hand.

    Rewards come as Bakers Pause,
    to Get behind Us and our Cause,
    “Pros” will Flourish with No “Cons,”
    with “Long Janes” equal to “Long Johns.”

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    I'm partial to Twists myself - they're already curvy - and are an equal opportunity fat builder already! Very cute Bob - you have an eye for turning all of life poetic, and rhymed, my favorite flavor!


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      Thank you. Our granddaughter is a twist girl. She likes the chocolate twist.


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        Donuts not my thing but your poems more to my tate -if the button said smiles instead of likes you would be topping that list


        • #5
          Thank you - very nice of you.


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            Home made donuts are the best tho. I like long johns the most too ... I also wonder why they call them that. "John, he loved donuts so much we named one after him"?


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              Home made are great! You can make them at any time. I think the commercial donut makers start quite early in the morning.


              • amenOra
                amenOra commented
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                Fresh Krispy kreme at 5 am

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              Ah - the true Breakfast of Champions.