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    IF I Were . . .

    If I were a poem
    I would definitely have to rhyme
    I'd be long and wordy
    so I could take up all your time

    I'd make you think of mountains,
    Forests, lakes and streams
    I'd make you think of places
    that exist only in your dreams

    If I were a Novel
    I'd try to make you cry
    I'd be the saddest story
    where all the lovers die

    Or perhaps I'll make the heroes
    have a bad disease
    Or I'll make them drink the Hemlock
    like poor Socrates

    If I were a Play
    I'd be a Comedy
    So you could spend all day
    laughing out loud with me

    If I were a Song
    I'd try to make you sing
    Then the World would sing along
    because of all the joy you'd bring

    And If I were a Riddle
    I wouldn't have to give a clue
    Because you'd know the answer
    would simply just be You

    I wrote this poem last year for an open mike in Cali. But I decided to share this poem here because this theme seems to be popular now.

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    I've never been to a poetry reading or 'open mike night'. Did you prepare before and just hope there was an opening? I find you very brave to do so!


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thanks! No, I don't prepare I just sign up beforehand and just go onwhen it's my turn I get lots of positive feedback!

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    This surely made me smile, thanks.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you very much! I enjoy your poetry as well.