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Clumsy Clean-Up Job

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  • Clumsy Clean-Up Job

    Like the News to Know what’s Up,
    so I’m not a Clueless Schlup.
    Heard the Term on Early News,
    at a Time with Not much Views.
    The Anchor said It to Demean,
    a Member of the Pres’ Team.
    But my Brain changed It a Bit,
    to What’s occurred or ‘Bout to Hit.
    As for “Clumsy Cleanup Job,”
    this is What occurred to Bob:

    Blow your Nose with Single Sheet,
    spreading Boogers Head to Feet
    Flying Birds above let Go,
    direct to You their Crap Ammo.
    Baby in their safe High Chair,
    food on Them and Everywhere.
    Flush the Water on your Throne,
    watch it Rise ‘til Overflown.
    Dye your Hair for Heartthrob Red,
    Orange-Green is there Instead.
    Ordered drinks and Sloppy Stew,
    the Waitress trips in Front of You.

    Sometimes News it Lost on Me,
    as Absurd is All I See.