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If I Were A Poem

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  • If I Were A Poem

    If I were a narrative
    I’d go beyond page
    I’d preserve my heritage
    story better with age

    If I were epic in length
    I’d have more than meaning
    I’d focus all my strength
    on characters and theming

    If I were a lone qua-train
    I’d readily ride the rails
    If the writer was in pain
    I’d gladly cure what ails

    © Worthy Poetry

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    Cleverly done micworthy9509 . I forgot to say earlier - welcome to the Zone!


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      Excellent poem micworthy9509 I wrote a similar themed poem last year but I talk about other literary forms as well. I like yours better though, yours is more serious. Short and sweet! Well Done! Here is mine:

      IF I Were . . .

      If I were a poem
      I would definitely have to rhyme
      I'd be long and wordy
      so I could take up all your time

      I'd make you think of mountains,
      Forests, lakes and streams
      I'd make you think of places
      that exist only in your dreams

      If I were a Novel
      I'd try to make you cry
      I'd be the saddest story
      where all the lovers die

      Or perhaps I'll make the heroes
      have a bad disease
      Or I'll make them drink the Hemlock
      like poor Socrates

      If I were a Play
      I'd be a Comedy
      So you could spend all day
      laughing out loud with me

      If I were a Song
      I'd try to make you sing
      Then the World would sing along
      because of all the joy you'd bring

      And If I were a Riddle
      I wouldn't have to give a clue
      Because you'd know the answer
      would simply just be You