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    I went to the Hospital
    where my mother was dying
    And I walked up to the bed
    where my mother was lying

    My mother said ------ "My chile I am sick.
    And, Yes ---- I am dying."
    And while she was speaking,
    I was standing there crying

    She said, -----"My dear sweet chlie
    I am leaving you today
    Death is taking my soul
    someplace far ---- far away

    Where this place is exactly,
    I do not know
    But when Death takes your hand
    you have to go

    And even though I am going
    someplace really far
    I can still be
    anywhere you are

    Now ---- I'll be dead
    before the end of the day
    so please listen carefully
    to what I'm going to say

    Death does not always
    mean it's the end
    I've got a piece of old jewelry
    It was a gift from a friend.

    The piece of jewelry I have
    is an antique locket
    And after I'm dead
    you'll find it in your pants' pocket.

    Never show it or wear it
    for others to see
    And you can use the old locket
    to talk to me.

    And you'll be able to see me
    when you talk to me, too
    And you can still tell me everything
    that's bothering you.

    Now, you're a good girl
    so I know you'll behave
    But I'll still be watching you
    from beyond the grave."

    I didn't really understand
    anything Mother had said
    She was dying from cancer
    and the cancer had spread

    She also had a high fever
    And although Mother seemed sane
    I thought she was confused
    Because the cancer spread to her brain

    But then I saw something
    I hadn't seen in a while
    My gravely ill mother
    with a great big smile

    She said, "That's right, chile
    You heard what I said.
    You'll be able to speak to me
    even though I am dead.

    Now ---- I can't tell you how
    and I'd rather not say
    but rest assured
    I've found a way."

    I didn't say anything
    Because I didn't know what to say
    But I stayed by her bedside
    until she passed away

    I watched Mother's chest
    slowly fall and rise
    until finally my mother
    just closed her eyes

    But after Mother died,
    I found the old locket
    And just like she said
    I found it inside my pants pocket

    I don't wear it around my neck
    for others to see
    Because someone would try
    to take it from me.

    But even if someone did
    take the locket from me
    it really wouldn't matter,
    because you see
    the locket will always
    come back to me

    Now, I don't know how
    But it always does
    And I find it back in my pocket
    just like it was

    Now, the locket is old
    that's what I was told
    And the lovely outer case
    is made of pure gold

    The locket is the size
    of a cameo broach
    And on the back there's an engraving
    of a fancy stagecoach

    The locket dates back
    to the time of the Ottoman Turks
    Using the locket is easy
    And here's how it works:

    I simply open the locket
    And into it --- I stare
    But you certainly won't find
    Mother's picture in there

    You'll find only a mirror
    where her picture should be
    Then suddenly Mother appears
    and speaks to me

    I see her face in the mirror
    with a great big smile.
    And then she says,
    "Hello, my chile."

    I say ----- "Oh Mother, I miss you.
    My heart aches so bad
    And since you've been gone
    I've been feeling so sad.

    She says, "That's why I gave you
    the locket my dear.
    So whenever you need me
    I'll always be near.

    I say, "I know, Mother.
    But I can't ---- kiss or hold you."
    She says ----- "But at least you can talk to me
    just like I told you."

    I start to cry, at first
    but then I see her bright smile
    So, I ask her some questions
    and we talk for a while

    When I ask Mother questions
    like How? When? and Why?
    Mother tells me strrange things
    like which people will die

    Mother shows me the future
    And speaks of things yet to be
    And some of these things
    are really frightening to me

    Mother showed me the President
    of a great and powerful nation
    He was giving a speech
    on Job Creation

    He was in a large stadium
    when he was addressing the crowd
    Suddenly ---- there was an explosion
    and it was awfully loud

    Now the stadium was 'packed'
    I mean, it was completely filled!
    And lots of innocent people
    got injured or killed!

    Now when the smoke from the explosion
    finally started to clear
    I could see the President's face
    and he was missing an ear

    He was lying on the ground
    and he had a large hole in his head
    Then somebody shouted,
    "The President is dead!"

    His Security Team thoroughly
    searched all around
    But sadly and regretably
    no assassin was found

    But this tragic scene from the Future
    was so amazing to see
    And I saw it all in the locket
    It was like watching TV

    There are lots of other things
    that Mother is able to show
    But there are just some things
    that I don't want to know

    But I guess I should be grateful
    that Mother shows them to me
    Because the Future is something
    that most people can't see

    When I ask Mother questions
    like What? Where? and Who?
    Mother always tells me
    what I should do

    Having the locket
    is awfully nice
    I don't know what I'd do
    without Mother's advice

    When I am lost
    Mother gives me direction
    And when I'm being bullied
    Mother gives me protection

    The kids at my school
    are not very nice
    They used to bully me
    but now they think twice

    One day a boy threw a rock
    and hit me right in the head
    I told my mother
    And now that boy is dead

    It all happened one day
    while he was sitting at lunch
    He was with some of his friends
    A real mean rotten bunch

    The boy was eating some peanuts
    right out of the shell
    And then all of a sudden,
    I heard his friend yell

    I was sitting far away
    but even I could tell
    that the boy's face ---- neck and lips
    were starting to swell!

    The boy could not breathe
    through his mouth or his nose
    Because suddenly his airway
    was starting to close

    The boy gasped for air
    then he gasped once more
    Then the boy fell down
    and collapsed on the floor

    The boy dropped dead
    right there on the spot
    And they carried his body out
    to the school parking lot

    The paramedics really tried hard
    to bring the boy back.
    And when they performed CPR
    I could hear his ribs crack

    They gave him every kind of medicine
    to try to reverse his grim fate
    But sadly and regretably
    it was all much too late

    When the boy's mother found out
    she collapsed on the floor
    Because he was never allergic
    to peanuts before

    After all ----- roasted peanuts
    were his favorite snack
    and she put those roasted peanuts
    into his knapsack

    But she never ever thought
    that they would cause him to die
    And all she could do
    was just sit there and cry

    A girl in my gym class
    had lovely red hair
    My red hair was longer
    so every day she would stare

    One day she took some sharp scissors
    and cut off all my long hair
    Then she looked at me angrily
    with a wild crazy stare

    Those scissors were sharp
    I didn't know what else she would do
    Somehow, I got away safely
    but I lost my left shoe

    Now, I'm a nice girl
    so I don't know how to fight
    But I told my mother
    that very same night

    Mother said, "Don't worry, I'll handled it
    I know just what to do.
    She'll be awfully sorry
    she started bullying you.

    Well, Mother handled it alright
    Mother was awfully mad
    And what happened to the girl
    kinda made me feel sad

    It all happened one day
    while she was sitting in class
    She was talking fresh to her teacher
    giving her --- her usual sass

    Then the classroom door
    suddenly slammed shut
    And an invisible force
    knocked the girl right on her butt

    The girl got up
    and sat back in her chair
    But it looked like someone
    had really messed up her hair

    Everyone laughed
    when the girl fell down
    They all thought she was playing
    She was such a class clown

    The girl took out her mirror
    and she brushed her long hair
    until her hair looked so lovely
    that it made all the boys stare

    The teacher told her to put
    the brush and mirror away
    So, the girl said some words
    that I would never dare say

    Now the girl loved to chew gum
    It was about all she did there
    And if she wasn't chewing gum
    she was brushing her hair

    The girl put some gum in her mouth
    and she started to chew
    Then she stared at her teacher
    to see what she would do

    The math teacher hollered,
    "No gum chewing in class!"
    But the girl gave her the finger
    and put her on blast.

    The girl ignored her math teacher
    and she continued to chew
    The girl didn't know this at first
    but this gum was new

    A kind of new gum
    she had never tasted before
    The kind you just can't buy
    at your grocery store

    A gum that changes its flavor
    the longer you chew.
    But the girl never imagined
    what else it woiuld do.

    She tasted marvelous flavors
    like Apple Pie and Beef Stew
    Strawberry Shortcake and Fudge
    and Rice pudding too

    Suddenly her face turned red
    then it turned green ----- and then blue
    And the teacher must have thought
    that she had some kind of flu

    She put her hand on her chest
    like it was affecting her heart
    It caused her to gag
    and to cough and to fart

    When the girl stood up
    her face was as blue as can be
    And it was just like a movie
    I had seen on TV

    The girl had a very high fever
    and so she started to sweat
    But I could not believe
    how much worse it would get

    No one bothered to help her
    To them ---- it was like watching a show
    And the part they liked the best?
    Was when they saw her nose grow

    The girl's nose grew and grew
    then her nose grew some more
    And all her lovely red hair
    just suddenly fell to the floor

    When the girl looked down
    And saw all of her hair on the floor
    The girl started to cry!
    No one had seen that before!

    The girl looked into her mirror
    her nose had become a pig's snout
    And it wiggled and jiggled
    and began moving about.

    The girl was completely bald
    except for a few hairs on her snout
    And it looked like someone
    had pulled all her hair out

    The girl looked like something
    right out of a horrible dream!
    The girl was so iugly!
    So, she let out a scream!

    Now, the class she was in
    was called Remedial Math
    And all of her 'so called' friends
    They all started to laugh

    They laughed and they laughed
    Then they all laughed some more
    In fact, they laughed so hard,
    they rolled on the floor

    The girl threw on her jacket
    Luckily ---- it had a large hood
    She quickly covered her head
    and ran home as fast as she could

    Now since the girl was bald
    She had to wear a red wig
    And she never left home
    because she looked like a pig

    The girl got uglier and uglier
    with each passing day
    And she couldn't figure out
    how she got that way

    The girl was so sad.
    She just cried and cried.
    Finally, she jumped off a bridge
    and that's how she died

    I said, "Oh, Mother! Oh Mother!
    I didn't want them to die!
    I just wanted them to feel sorry
    and perhaps make them cry."

    She said -----"That boy that threw the rock
    He hit you square in the head
    Luckily ---- I was there to protect you
    Or you would be dead!
    And that crazy girl with the scissors,
    she was especially mean.
    One of the meanest little girls
    I have ever seen.
    No ----- I was not going to sit around and wait
    for the other shoe to drop
    I had to do something drastic
    that would make the bullying stop."

    I said, "Oh well, Mother
    I guess you are right
    but I do think of those two
    when I say my prayers each night."

    Mother said,
    "Of course, I'm right, Dear
    You see, bullies like these two
    They feed off of Fear

    If a bully can detect your Fear
    they'll just bully you ---- that much longer
    Because it's the Fear ---- they sense in you
    that makes them feel ---- that they are stronger."

    I never had the subject of 'Bullying'
    explained to me quite that way
    But I tried to remember everything
    that Mother had to say

    Then Mother said, "Now, let me ask you a question:
    Does anyone tease you? ----- Or make you cry?"
    I said, "No ---- they don't."
    She said, "And now you know why."

    Mother said ---- "You're a kind and forgiving person
    That's why I love you so
    But those two little demons,
    They definitely had to go.

    And if those two did not die
    they would have certainly killed someone
    Without ever feeling sorry
    for anything that they've done

    And besides, the world will be
    A much, much better place
    Without those two little hooligans
    just wasting air and space."

    I started to think of all the bad things
    that happened since my mother died
    And I remembered being at her funeral
    and I remembered how much I had cried

    I say ---- "Oh Mother,
    why did you have to die?"
    She says, "You'll understand it better
    as the time goes passing by."

    My shoulders droop
    as I let out the saddest sigh
    And Mother whispers softly
    and tells me not to cry

    She said ----- "I know it's hard sometimes
    being out there on your own
    But as long as you have the locket
    you'll never be alone.

    And as long ----- as you have the locket
    I always be there ---- right beside you
    To protect you ---- from all sorts of danger
    and to also ---- lead and guide you.

    Remember the locket is a potent
    and powerful charm
    that protects you from danger
    or serious harm."

    Mother asks me some questions
    and we talk for a while
    And through all my sadness
    I finally smile

    Our conversation ends
    then I start to cry
    Because I know it's time
    to say, Goodbye

    "Mother, I love you,"
    is the last thing I say
    I watch Mother's face
    as it fades away

    I blow her a kiss
    then I close up the locket
    Which suddenly disappears
    And ends up in my pants pocket
    There it stays safely
    tucked away
    Until I take it back out
    to use it one day
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    Yes . . . another one of my very long 'story poems'! Lol! Somehow I just can't write short poems anymore! Lol!


    • #3
      First let me say, it's very entertaining. I enjoyed the weaving of this story. As far as poems, I tend to shy away from reading g long poems but I'm glad I took the time to read this one. My only recommendation would be to to summarize some of the stanzas like the one about her having cancer but you're quite a story teller and very entertaining.


      • Rhymeboy
        Rhymeboy commented
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        I agree! I tend to shy away from long poems too. I figured you did too that's why I asked you. I'm glad you found it entertaining that's what i wanted to find out. This poem was originally meant to be published as a picture book with nice illustrative art that's why its so long. Thank you for your wonderful comment and expert advice
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    • #4
      Quite a read, lengthy, which I tend to avoid but I was hooked. Great life lessons too are cleverly woven into the fabric of this piece.


      • #5
        Thank you very much mooneyblack !That's what I wanted to find out! I wanted to see if it were entertaining enough for people to hang in there and finish reading the story! Thanks again!


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          The pacing of this ... it did keep me interested. The whole time, I was saying to myself, Kinda far fetched that someone would protect you by killing these kids. That's got haunting written all over it, and I love ghost stories.
          This was unique. I have no doubt that you will write more stories, and improve with each experience. This seems semi-autobiographical. Is it?

          Your voice and tone was well, like a child's story, and the morals to boot.

          With a piece so long I would definitely bring up successful author's advice on editing: the rough draft - (minus) 30 percent.

          And I really think this could be pared down, and polished, to create something that's not so cumbersome. Which deserves more audience.

          The Locket. A beautiful, somewhat childish, haunted memory, warm because of the connection to someone that's felt. Very good story-telling, too.


          • #7
            Thank you! amenOra I am flattered by your comments. I feel as though I have been give a fancy review by some renown literary critic! And thank you for your expert advice! I agree with your comments completely but these poems were kinda meant to be long They were not meant to be treated like traditional poems and read like a 'straight up' poem.They were basically meant to be short stories in rhyme. To be published as a stand alone piece much like a primitive epic poem like the Odyssey I would also include illustrations. The goal was to see if a long poem could be entertaining enough to keep the reader engaged. I wanted to see if my storytelling was good enough to make the reader hang in there to the bitter end! Almost none of my work is autobiographical The story is completely fictional I assure you. And yes the 'voice/ is that of a child ( the main character) and it was written for a younger audience.This poem is almost 2 yrs old. I only shared it here because with all of the stuff happening in the world today there may not be enough time for anything to be published in the future. So I bit the bullet and released it online. I write many types of poetry: non rhyming and rhyming, silly and serious, long and short, religious and non-religious< Thanks again!


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              It was definitely engaging. I also don’t usually hang on until the end of something so lengthy. I did because you asked 😊
              my personal opinion is there is some repeating that takes away from the story. I did get a little bored of the story because of the repeating. I could for sure see this as a spooky children’s book with a little bit of editing! I’m no professional by any means! But you are a good story teller that is definite!!! Good job 👏


              • Rhymeboy
                Rhymeboy commented
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                Thank you very much for your time! I really appreciate it! I really value your opinion. Thanks!