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  • Weavalline's Christmas


    There was a Witch
    who wore a Weave
    And it came to life
    one Christmas Eve

    "I hate Christmas!"
    the old black witch said
    And her Weave did a dance
    as it jumped off her head

    She said, "Christmas will be here!
    Tomorrow's the day!
    So, go and catch Santa
    before he gets on his sleigh!"

    The Witch opened a window
    so the Weave could take flight
    She watched it fly past the moon
    and off into the night

    The Weave flew to the North Pole
    where it slapped all the Elves
    And broke all the toys
    that were still left on the shelves

    The Weave said, "Christmas will be here!
    Tomorrow's the day!
    So, where is this Santa?
    And his Reindeer ----- and sleigh?"

    The Elves said, "Santa is gone!
    He is not here!
    He left with his sleigh
    and his flying reindeer!
    He's high in the sky
    so he can deliver our toys
    To good little children
    Both good girls and boys!"

    The Weave beat the Elves with a stick
    And the Elves were all cryin'
    And the Weave yelled and said,
    "Y'all bednot be lyin'!"

    The Weave poured out some whiskey
    which it drank from a cup
    And then he got out some rope
    and tied all the Elves up

    The Weave said, "I'll go and find Santa
    and I'll destroy all his toys!
    And they'll be no Christmas
    for good girls and boys!"

    The Weave left the poor Elves
    freezing out in the snow
    The Weave twirled and he twirled
    which made the cold North Wind blow

    The Weave was so light
    because he was made out of hair
    And the Weave rode the wind
    high into the air

    The Elves watched the Weave
    as it flew past the moon
    But they didn't think ---- he'd find Santa
    anytime soon

    But the Elves were alll wrong
    and it didn't take long
    for the Weave to find Santa
    because the wind was so strong

    Soon the Witch's weave
    was on Santa's sleigh
    trying his best
    to prevent Christmas Day

    The Weave said, "Well, you can kiss Christmas
    and your toys goodbye
    I'll make all your toys
    fall from the sky!"

    The Weave tipped Santa's sleigh
    with a quick violent motion
    which made all Santa's toys
    fall in the ocean!

    The Weave slapped Santa's face
    and pulled the Helper Elves ears
    He whipped all the Reindeer
    which brought Santa to tears

    The Weave said ----- "I've dumped all your presents
    so now the kids will have none!
    Christmas is done for!
    The old Witch has won!"

    The Weave laughed really loud
    It was like the Witch was right there
    The Weave jumped off the sleigh
    and out into the air

    The Weave reached in his pocket
    and he took out a comb
    The Weave made himself pretty
    then flew all the way home

    Santa said, "We can still save Christmas!
    It's still Christmas Eve!
    On Dasher! On Dancer!
    Now, follow that Weave!"

    When the Weave got back home
    he caused quite a commotion
    And the Witch was impressed
    with her Weave's strong devotion

    The Weave said, "Christmas is cancelled!
    and it's all thanks to me!
    And you'll find Santa's toys
    at the bottom of the sea!"

    Now, the Witch saw the whole thing
    in her large crystal ball
    She saw her Weave tip the sleigh
    And watched all the toys fall

    "You've done a good job!"
    the old black witch said
    And the Weave did a dance
    and jumped back on her head

    Soon Santa arrived
    with his Reindeer and sleigh
    He had one last chance
    to try to save Christmas Day!

    Santa said, "Your Weave hijacked my sleigh
    and he dumped all my toys
    And now there's no presents
    for all the good girls and boys!"

    The old witch laughed really loud
    "What the heck do I care?
    Good ----- it will teach them a lesson
    that life is not fair."

    Santa said, "Why you're the meanest witch
    I've ever seen!"
    She said, "Thank you, Santa!
    I'm Weavalline!"

    Santa said, "Now, I know
    just who's to blame
    But 'Weavalline'?
    Why is that your name?"

    The Witch said, "They call me, 'Weavalline'
    Because I wear a bad weave
    And it comes to life
    each Christmas Eve!"

    Santa said, "I know why you're so mean
    Girl ----- you need a new weave!
    And I happen to know a stylist
    who works Christmas Eve!"

    Santa tugged gently
    on the tip of his beard
    And his personal stylist
    Mrs. Claus appeared!

    Mrs. Claus snatched the old weave
    from the old Witch's head
    Then she sewed on a new one
    with a needle and thread

    The Witch's hair was a mess
    so her new weave ----- took a while
    But when it was all finished
    It sure made ----- the Witch smile!

    The Witch was so happy
    and her heart filled with glee
    And she returned all the presents
    that were dumped in the sea

    The Witch picked up her wand
    and with a flick of her wrist
    She sent toys to children
    who were on Santa's list

    The Witch undid all the evil
    that she had just done
    And Christmas was saved
    Old Saint Nick had won!

    The old black Witch promised
    that she would be a good girl
    if she could come to the North Pole
    for a free Wash 'N' Curl

    The Witch smiled in her mirror
    She really liked her new weave
    Then Santa said, "Goodbye
    See you next Chritmas Eve!"

    Watching Santa fly past the moon
    was such an incredible sight
    Santa yelled, "Merry Christmas to all
    And to all a good night!"

    Santa took the old weave
    back to the North Pole
    where it decides who gets presents
    and who gets lumps of coal
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    Here's another one of my dreadful 'story poems' Lol! I hope you enjoy!