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  • "Cut the Cheese"

    "Cut the Cheese” – you’ve Heard the Term,
    might Make even Some to Squirm.
    Love the Smell – the Feel to It,
    don’t Dislike a single Bit!

    Make no Diff who Cuts it First,
    a Tiny slice or One big Burst.
    At the Deli or the Store,
    always Leaves me wanting More.

    Feta, Swiss, or Mozzarella,
    cut by Women or a Fella.
    To our Mouths the taste Convening,
    did You think another Meaning?
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    Cheese for dreaming
    late at night,
    a shiboleth
    of fearsome fright
    rendered by films
    black and white
    but where's the phrase
    "Cut the Cheese"
    coming from?
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      Maybe in just my age group? "Who Cut the Cheese" refers to who passed gas in public or elsewhere.


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        Yes, we have an enduring family story about this.

        When our oldest two daughters were still in primary grades we sat down to supper one evening. I innocently asked someone to "Pass the cheese, please." To this day they, along with my husband, maintain that I said "Cut the cheese, please.", at which they all started laughing. I didn't know why everyone was having a joke, very much at my expense. It had to be explained to me.

        For my part I maintain that I absolutely said 'Pass' instead of 'Cut' (they don't even sound alike), with my ignorance of what it meant as proof. I wouldn't have said it at that time and place if I'd have known.

        But since this happened, nearly 25 years ago, the phrase has popped up at least annually on some occasion - just for grins!


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          I don't have a specific story - just something that popped into my head this morning. Glad you know the phrase and have a story to go with it.


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            This is about the funniest thing I've read all day! Great work!


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              Thank you.


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                Very clever and witty poem! Very funny! Well done BobGrantKC!


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                  Thank you.