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  • All My Friends

    Drifting thought
    Passing me by
    And I always wonder why

    Static images
    Shatter and melt
    The worst I have ever felt

    To remember
    The better days
    Before it all slipped away

    All memories
    Just tearing away
    Why must I always feel this way?

    There is no need
    They're only friends
    The ones that promised to stay
    Until the end
    There is no need
    For shallow tears
    Even though I knew I'd lose it all
    When the time was near

    From the start
    And through the ages
    Every day, there were new pages

    Natural joy
    Euphoria contrived
    The anthology of our lives

    To remember
    What went right
    When I felt more than alive
    With you

    Everything lost
    Hastily gone out of sight
    Leaves me so barren inside
    Without someone like you
    Without all of you

    There's no regain
    For lost contact
    The ones that promised to keep me
    In shape, intact
    There is no need
    For few meaningless tears
    Even though I had seen it coming
    To lose that mattered the most
    Was my only fear

    All the ones that I lost through time
    The ones that made me
    The ones that had created me
    I wonder, can you hear me?

    Either when we were close, or distant
    When times were at their best
    When I felt the light in my chest
    All the ones that I lost through time
    I want to know, for this only time
    Can you recall me?
    Do you recall me?

    All my friends
    Up somewhere, where I can't see
    Are you around, are you alive?

    All my friends, my lost lovers
    In somewhere, where I can't reach
    If words mean nothing now, after all this time
    Then that is alright
    I hope you're all fine

    I should've posted this earlier, because this is quite close to me at the moment... and of something that I could not comprehend with since ten years ago, pretty much the same time my school days came to an end. Also, this is unique amongst all other works I've done where at least four different rhyming schemes were used. For the subject this deals with, it's all part of lif unfortunately. Things don't last forever, as we all know.

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    What an eloquent, visceral distillation of loss!

    Achingly beautiful!