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  • Rotting World

    All of life's wonders perish
    Long before their time
    All of nature's blessings
    Now a territory of blight
    All of life's sacred trees
    Feel this harsh side effect
    And all of the world's beauty, die
    Thanks to your mind of neglect

    The seas that make our world
    Now dissolve into thin air
    The ground disintegrates
    'Cause they simply don't care
    The flowers cry, the animals suffer
    What happened to the charity?
    May our beautiful world, regress
    Into states of severity
    By the works of their insanity

    No hope, no faith, no beauty
    In this rotting world
    No light, no sun, no real reason to live
    In this rotting world

    Don't care for nature
    Don't care for all things else
    Not give a fuck about anything
    But only yourselves
    Sitting there, on your phones
    While the world putrefies
    If you all don't change your ways
    One day, all life will die

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    Lyrically poetic truthful indignation sharpened to the point if attack!


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Haha, thank you for that :P Well I suppose it can be an "attack" to those who just don't care for nature, even though I'm not an enviromentalist to say this formally.

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    It's dope Bry89


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Haha, thanks