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The Master (for amenOra)

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  • The Master (for amenOra)

    one God and Father of all, who is over all and
    through all and in all. - Ephesians 4.6

    Do not seek him in the storybook Heaven
    Your childhood remembers or in sacred
    Scriptures you may have read yourself
    And heard read aloud in a place of worship

    The Master resides in another topological space
    He is the force that underlies the subatomic
    Particles not yet discovered that scaffold
    Hold up the physical world and universe

    The Master is the fiercest winds tumultuous
    Ocean waves and depths breath of early cells
    Upon the nascent earth rudder of the amoeba
    Mutating viruses and Stage 4 melanomas

    The Master is not in the darkness or the light
    He is the Darkness and the Light the Silence
    Between heartbeats hidden somewhere in
    Your consciousness The Master waits for you