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The Aftermath/ Volunteers of America

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  • The Aftermath/ Volunteers of America

    There's so many rock stars
    across this land,
    who garner such pleasure,
    lending a helpful hand.
    Volunteers of America,
    everyday taking a stand,
    Envisioning our world as one,
    just as Jesus planned.

    The spirit of mankind,
    was built to give and receive,
    all of God's Heavenly pleasures,
    if we just believe.
    The reward for helping others,
    beyond what we conceive,
    Lessen the pain for fellow man,
    should be easy to perceive.

    So where do we go from here,
    a question we should ask.
    Grab a hammer lend a hand,
    find a purposeful task.
    It's time to join the party,
    in God's glory we will bask.
    Take off the veil of apathy,
    put on the hero mask.

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