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Misery for Comfort (Inspired by Nine & Eleven, by Mr. Hayes)

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  • Misery for Comfort (Inspired by Nine & Eleven, by Mr. Hayes)

    What ill
    men conceive
    from pulpits of discontent,
    in God-lust
    pining for that non-existent womb,
    gives birth
    to widows and orphans.
    The wounding of innocents.
    The vanishing of innocence.
    Conjured plumes of ignorance
    rain down
    for comfort.
    Last edited by DWAYNE; 09-15-2017, 10:14 AM.

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    Awesome write DWAYNE. Nothing superfluous, just truth in all its stark challenge.


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      I find the notion of 'God-lust' fascinating, Dwayne. It is rather ingenious that you equate it with the paradoxical image of a non-existent womb that gives birth to bereaved humanity. And all this puns with the idea of men conceiving from those pulpits. It's as if the pulpit and the (non)-womb are a distortion of the male and female reproductive principle. So much implied in such an economy of words.


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        Your poem made me think of the predominantly male penchant to create catastrophes, as a Dr. Frankenstein-like obsession with creating something, even if that thing is grotesque and destructive.

        A sort of unacknowledged envy of the female ability to bring forth life.

        A Sadomasochistic desire to play God.

        I had never thought about it that way before.


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          I enjoyed this immensely Dwayne. Outstanding poet.