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    Considering a new career
    Although advancing in years
    Jobcentre said what can you do
    Shake I said which is so true

    Searched for shake on the database
    Workcoach had a smile on face
    It only has found one hit
    Can you shake your ass a bit?

    What duties do I perform?
    Take your clothes off is the norm
    Vacancy for a stripper
    Could be luckywith tippers

    Asked could I remove clotthes slow
    Yes I can give it ago
    That is how it all began
    The Parkinson's stripper man

    So I began the first show
    Audience numbers bit low
    Never mind the music starts
    Onto stage perform my arts

    Start to fumble with my shirt
    Try to multitask and flirt
    Impatience starts to mount
    Buttons I try to surmount

    I start to flaunt and tease
    Losing balance down on knees
    Get up again then I froze
    Will they notice strike a pose

    Heavy breathing I will use
    As I bend take off my shoes
    Trousers off movements don't flow
    Next time must get some velcro

    Suddenly I bust a move
    Dyskinesia shows a groove
    Someone shouts out can I twerk
    Moves keep on thats how drugs work

    Put my head in ladies lap
    Fell asleep took a nap
    Woke with start, to continue
    All is quiet as they view

    Almost there the full monty
    What do I hear that can't be
    All around I hear the snores
    No Pd audience applause

    Picked up clothes ready to go
    Made a fortune just one go
    Value for money regret
    They paid me by the minute
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    Ha ha ha! 10,000 likes!


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      thank you Bobby glad you liked it


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        Verse-atility - that's the ticket!


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          thank you RLW


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            Wow, that one made me feel weird! Pretty funny. Although that seems a bit demeaning, dare I say.

            Not exactly self-deprecation, but ... You're stripping and you end up shaking, and they want more. Might have something to it, as is common for strippers to feel demeaned? Maybe? Lol. The writing was well done and the phrasing worked.

            Thanks for sharing.


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              amenOra This is an oddity but it will be the end poem in a compilation of my Parkinson's poem. I have put the compilation into roughly chronological order and one of my proof readers was surprised, as he expected there to be a almost linear rising of ability to cope with Parkinson's. It doesn't work like that because Parkinson's progresses wioth symptoms getting worse so there are often things to get used to. Including forced employment changes with options narrowing. Having Parkinson's can be pretty demeaning with peoples wrong assumptions about your symptoms. Although it is a humourous poem it is about forced changes having to cope with change and limited options.So it is funny in a sort of The Office uncomfortable type way.
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                Your mordant wit gleams in this, Parkinsonspoet, yet, as always is the case with you, there is neither bitterness nor self-pity. Bravo, for such captivating narrative verse.


                • Parkinsonspoet
                  Parkinsonspoet commented
                  Editing a comment
                  thank you Grant when I wrote this I was unsure if it was a good idea but I am pleased I finished