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  • Discuss?--

    So, I thought, since I am (fingers-crossed) in a period of fruitfulness, and I can certainly muster the "inspiration" to Hopefully begin a discussion, not exactly sure where it should go.
    Elements of poetry, and Art, really -- literature and words. What themes do you most enjoy or are you afraid of exploring?--
    For instance, I do not do well with writing Novels, I have some innate fear built up by so much expectation. I have tried to work through and actually just Write, but I have not finished a book as in writing one.

    Or certain themes: Horror is challenging, as it comes with the express notion that one is concentrated, and in that mood; a suggestible state, so that one could become "horrified"; and of course if the reader isn't going for it, not a fan of the genre or something-- if the effect falls flat, then it can even become humorous.

    I want to not just show my wonder at these things, but see what

    You might find, as fellow readers and lovers of "poetry" in one propensity or another--

    That we could discuss, these common themes. Heartbreak, and loss; loveliness and beauty. Myths and fairytales, and monsters, the supernatural.

    Characters, studies in relationships between characters. Elements of style, and the nuances according to each age.

    The eternal themes, and what persists. Structure and pacing, narration and storytelling.

    Blank verse, or structured?--

    All of this Perhaps and Other things we could discuss. What do you love about This Art we Share?

    Discuss what makes Art personal,
    And why we love it, or not.

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    What themes do I most enjoy? What themes am Iafraid of exploring?
    I have more than one reason to write sometimes I write to convey facts, sometimes I write as therapy for myself, Sometimes l write to entertain. What do I fear well I don't fear a subject or theme but I do fear becomming a jingle writer. for things I dont feel.I sometimes fear sharing realising that my poetic work could be too real for someone and the truth may hurt. I also fear having nothing to say.We make art personal by letting ourselves and others go with the flow.. I am not sure that really answers your question but I hope it helps,


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      Great conversation to start. I hope to hear from many of our great poets here.
      I believe that poets are novelist with short attention spans. Poems are snap shots that tell the whole story.
      I hope this thread goes on long enough to share more thoughts.


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        Those are very common things, Parkinsonspoet. The truth could hurt some peple, but as long as one doesn't intend to offend, then why not chance it? Or, I should say I lean towards that side always, rather than censorship which is never a good end.

        Engaging, that is a big thing. I also find that it leads to contemplation of subject matter, such as we are having, and then studies, and further learning; that is CRAFT. We enjoy something so much that it becomes enjoyable to do the extra things, our Homework is our pasttime.

        The beauty of the reality of language, like you said rhymetime. Little snapshots, we might even be afraid of forgetting, similar to Ppoet's ideas about fearing having nothing to say. Writing can become so much for us, even a way and mode of being. We talk about living "poetic". And what would that mean?
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          amenOra The only people I take care in terms of content are my daughters-their Mum and I are separated. There is a lot of personal detail in my poetry but I do take care with anyhing that might be unfair to my children.


          • amenOra
            amenOra commented
            Editing a comment
            That makes sense, and a normal healthy level or concern isn't bad. In then end it is ultimately, when you're writing, it is whatever message you wish to send or convey. I just mean to further elaborate that for me to toe that line I have always found that the shocking things could have the truest, most real content. I am usually keenly aware if I make a certain impression upon others. Thanks for the clarification, maybe we better understand each other.

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          I do not fear any themes, but I do prefer non-rhyming free verse.

          I write what has always inspired me, the search for justice, the desire for equality.


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            Perhaps it would be better to frame it Replace fear of with 'weakness'

            For instance, in writing stories, I am so utterly horrible with cohesion: I cannot map out the length of a novel too well, and though I have brushed up on narration and storytelling recently, I still donot have what it takes to write a novel with all its themes and that sort of thing, with the jam-packed ending which I like. Much easier to control the ending and "bang" with poetry, with the shorter length, relatively short lol -- as I seem to prefer lately the longer forms.

            Then we get into the idea of Romance. I haven't read much of Eliot's talk about Shelley being something of an "inaccessible" author, or one whose theoria in motion doesn't work well. I have thought of writing a critique of Romance and romantic thought before, and yet it's been daunting.

            Justice and Equality are BIG themes. Sometimes there is not a clear mediator, like a Superhero: yet there is still the underlying lesson of how there is always a measure of "Fairness" in all dealings. We can polish our stories and through different ways of writing, what comes out, we can see what strengths we have in writing, and still pay attention to things like ...

            I am poor with writing much dialogue, also. There are some who do so great at it, I always get nervous. It comes to some unwritten, unspoken way of things, it needs a natural "column" to support it, perhaps experience-- but otherwise it quickly falls short, and you have disinterest and dialogue which does, says, and means nothing; it goes no where.

            Hate that, lol.


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              I may be a bit of an odd duck in this discussion. I started writing poetry (or in poetic format) because of a recommendation from the teacher in an online class I took through the local community college in spring of 2016. I knew I liked to rhyme and my 'specialty' was themed treasure hunts. I wanted to put together a book of these to publish. Because we'd home-educated our last son I also wanted to incorporate an educational element in the project to 'make learning fun'. My initial target market was Catholic home-schoolers, so I could incorporate tenets of the faith too.

              Then I found the Rhymezone and doors opened into a different world. I still haven't finished the book (though I've written numerous rhymed treasure hunts along the way for special occasions), and this past June I got inspiration for a YA novel that I've started. It's moving slowly because I too, have much to learn about the whole process of completing a full length novel.

              I've never formally studied poetry (but was introduced to GMHopkins by a priest friends about a decade ago), though I have read selected poems by famous names mentioned by other poets here in the zone. It's very enlightening. Whenever someone posts a new form here in the forum I try my hand at it to help me remember. I feel a real lack of knowledge in this area and hope to gradually address it too. As much as I tend toward rhyme, I don't like the 'idea' of getting pigeon-holed into one style.

              I started a blog with rhyming as the cornerstone, and every blog post contains a rhyme. It was an idea simmering on the back burner, but then last January an author friend read one of my poems and asked to feature it on her site, so I got my site up and running so there would be a place to include a link back. I'm trying with intermittent success to keep it updated.

              All of these activities include writing, after some fashion or other, and some days the variety leaves me feeling more than scattered.

              Most of the contemporary free verse I read, from the few poetry sites to which I subscribe, leaves me confused. Kind of like modern art - I don't like to puzzle things out too much. Show me a picture, write me a poem, sing me a song - and MOVE me. I prefer to react on an emotional plane long before the intellectual side kicks in. That's probably why my writing is so black and white - I don't do enigma well. Sometimes I enjoy the structure (and have really enjoyed being introduced to a strict syllable line count), and other times I want to feel the words roll through my brain and off my tongue without those strictures. I love that poetry has room for both.

              Of the 330+ posts I've done in the past year and a half, many of them are rhymed. I've tried my pen at free verse too, and like some of those very much.

              This has less to do with poetry or writing, but much of what I love here in the zone is that I feel welcome. On the whole, participants are kind and complimentary. I marvel that I'm in contact with people from around the world. I love hearing different viewpoints and those experiences of which I'm ignorant give me a chance to think and learn. People accepted me right where I started and continue to respond and encourage me to grow.

              As to why I write? This world is a wonder. Life is a wonder. The good, bad, happy, sad, ugly, beautiful. There are many things I've never learned to do. There are other things I've learned enough to get by. But writing? This pulls the insides out, and tucks the outsides in and feels like something I can do JUST RIGHT - even while I learn and grow in the process.

              Thanks for starting the discussion amenOra. I have a feeling it will be very interesting.


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                Such enthusiasm. I personally believe things like form and structure all are like spice-- and the variety being spice of life is true. However I have always tended to rely more on sort of, speed, with my writing, -- most of it. It comes to the "heat of the moment" and gaining, coaxing something outward, so that the digging is very real, if only in metaphor.
                So that I'll begin a poem, and the first line USUALLY sets up how the entire poem will go; as you know, its an organic process to varying extents.

                If I had a writing editor which could accomodate for the "spacing" of .. what is it, blank poetry?
                The stuff where the spaces(blanks) are very much used to artistic effect.

                I've written for so long I don't know how long it's been, but I've always enjoyed it, and the different challenges that go along with it. I think a big part of it was originally because I would feel something towards my writing I didn't understand, or perhaps didn't even want to. Sharing it, I sharpened a lot because of hearing what others thought. I think a big key to success is being able to bridge a certain gap, and allow that garden to grow in your mind, that will naturally magically grow in the reader's mind too- hopefully.

                We take the journey together. Although I know under the title of "ARTIST" we can be ...weird...

                Maybe that's not the point but it's true the same.

                I write because there is a quintessence which I am living for/with/because. I always always get closer to this. Best is when

                distance is