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Listening to Billie Holiday Late at Night

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  • Listening to Billie Holiday Late at Night

    All I got is time, Billie, time for you
    To listen to your voice run down to move
    Around the hours. The way
    You run body and soul together makes me think
    We alone belong together
    To shuffle dreams.

    Oh Billie,
    It's not the highs and lows in your voice
    That makes me want to lie down in the ground
    Sometimes and stop turning,

    But the pausing,
    Climbing the empty stairs of sky
    One wants to get inside your voice,
    Where the stars are all turned out.

    We are all drifting down,
    Billie, like clouds to the ground, breaking
    Apart in the dark.

    Our saved moments,
    Like odd pieces of string collected,
    Just tied together by chance,
    Like us tonight.

    For what use, Billie,
    Maybe you tell me with the soft skin
    Of darkness wrapped around
    The hollows in your voice.
    The distance between us now is
    Only our breathing.

    All I got is time, Billie, and its yours,
    Of course, you with no need for time anymore,
    Or being on the nod,
    Fixed like you are,
    Oh Lady Day,
    Body and soul, complete.

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    Wonderful Poem Tanner! Lady Day would be proud!


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      This has a sensuous feel to it Tanner - like making love through a poem.


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        Lie down in the ground and stop turning: yes please. You're lucky to be attuned so wholly to Billie's voice, Tanner. This is the way out and the way in. Achingly winsome write.


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          An visceral response, I could not put in words, but now have found elucidated.

          These are breathtaking stanzas Tanner!

          The second stanza!

          The third!

          Diction, imagery.

          I especially love the jazzy musicality of that last stanza!

          If ever a man has hit his stride, you have.

          You have!