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  • "Three"

    Pigs and Wise Men - Kittens too,
    French Hens, Blind Mice, in the Stew.
    Bears and Stooges In a Tub,
    Musketeers don’t Mean to Snub.

    Many things Have come in Three,
    Odd the Number I’d Agree.
    Benefit to Me and You,
    One more Larger than a Two.

    More is Better in most Cases,
    And a Fact in many Places.
    What if God had thought it Neat,
    To Start us Out with Three small Feet?
    And to Feed his Funny Bone,
    On Two legs they Would be Sewn.

    All of Us would be “Third Wheels,”
    Not Left out or Feel like Heels.
    March or Dance to any Beat,
    All the Same with “Two Left Feet.”

    Use your Toes to count Fifteen,
    Dress Them up for Halloween.
    Shoes would Come in Larger Boxes,
    Now a Foot for All lost Sockes.

    All of Us a "Triple Threat,"
    Though Hope God would not Forget,
    To add to his Initial Plans,
    And Even Up with Three small Hands.

    Last edited by BobGrantKC; 09-08-2017, 10:35 AM.

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    You have a wondrous sense of humor Bob. You are also a very clever writer and rhymer! Delightful!


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      Thank you