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Beast of Bodmin Moor

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  • Beast of Bodmin Moor

    A dark night
    A still night
    Alone at night?

    Stalk, while you walk
    The beast is with you
    It watches
    Fear stirs

    Creep, you breathe deep
    The beast closes in
    Its hungry
    Panic rises

    Hunt, you turn confront
    The beast briefly stares
    Its eyes
    Your surprise

    Chase, as you race
    The beast gaining
    Into your car

    Stare,, look you don't dare
    Beast watches you
    Drive away
    To safety

    Real, with hands on the wheel
    Bodmins beast a myth
    Mind plays tricks
    But what follows?

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    Nice one, Parkinsonspoet. Interesting first line rhyme scheme and stanza construct for this. But was it a myth? People were killed by something, and they did kill a wolf that seemed to stop the killings.


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      Ooo...spooky. This would be good for Halloween!


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        Thank you RhymeLovingWriter and Muttado1sb In the course of my lifetime I am aware of no killings but many rumours of sightings of a large cat perhaps a puma. No verified sightings but several dodgy photos over the years


        • Muttado1sb
          Muttado1sb commented
          Editing a comment
          My mistake, Pp. I had recently read an article (I have no idea why, it must have been a rabbit hole from something else) about the 'Beast of GĂ©vaudan' and confused the story with the story in your poem. I should have Googled first.
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