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God has a secret garden

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  • God has a secret garden


    God has a Secret Garden

    He keeps it way up high

    High above the clouds

    where He hides it in the sky


    The garden is really beautiful

    What a wondrous place to be!

    And you'll truly be amazed

    at all the wonderful things you'll see


    The garden has winding paths

    that are lined by lovely trees

    And no matter where you've traveled

    you've never seen ones quite lke these


    In the morning ----- the leaves are green

    then at noon ---- they start to fold

    In the afternoon ----- they turn to silver

    then later on ---- they turn to gold


    At first the tree's -----trunks are straight

    at noon they bend ----- and change their shapes

    The trees bare apples ------ oranges and pears

    and many different ----- kinds of grapes


    These are many other kinds of trees

    Trees you will never see on Earth

    Trees some 500 feet in height

    and a hundred feet in girth


    There's never any Darkness

    because in the Garden ---- it's always Day

    and there are plenty of open spaces

    where God's Children run and play


    There's also a lovely fountain,

    a pond ----- a lake ----- a stream,

    and lots of pretty flowers

    that are like something ----- from a dream


    From inside the Secret Garden

    you can look down and see the Earth

    That marvelous Big Blue Marble

    where all men must prove their worth


    God's Garden ----- floats high above us

    like a cloud that goes sailing by

    Perhaps, in another dimension

    Hidden from the human eye


    So, you won't be able to spot it

    when you look up toward the sky

    And if you want to see it

    you'll probably have to die

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    For some reason I tend to write long poems! Lol!


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      This is a fabulous verse, easy to read with a gentle flow. I do not know you, so i have to wonder from the last verse if it was written "tongue in cheek".


      • Rhymeboy
        Rhymeboy commented
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        Thank you for your comment Rhymetime! I really appreciate it! As to the tongue in cheek part, It may have been or I may have been serious! It's a mystery even to myself. By the way, if you have the time: What do you think of my poems 'Dear Sweet Death' and 'My Community'?

      • rhymetime
        rhymetime commented
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        I have read "Dear Sweet Death" many times and am working on a response. I actually think about this verse daily.
        I will check out " My Community "

        Thanks for asking