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  • Blood As Money

    The future comes near as we speak
    The future slowly kills lives
    We are the broken, the hungry
    With holes in our pockets, within this ruin
    How else can we survive?

    The future becomes real as we speak
    And we are the unfortunate ones
    Why use the dirty cash, if there's any need
    When we can be the currency
    All our debts payed off
    The transactions done

    This is based on a bizarre idea I had in my head recently, regarding my own attitude to money. It may not be perfect but let's be honest, it wasn't easy to write about when the idea itself was complicated to illustrate in words. I did think about doing this in a "spoken word" style initially but, I believe doing it in a poetic way would be better.
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    Since writing this nearly two years ago, I've decided to modify it... by removing the last two verses. I had been thinking about making the change for a while. From there, I think it looks better, don't you think?