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"Bad Brain Bats!!!!"

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  • "Bad Brain Bats!!!!"

    Many thoughts Fly through your Head,
    from Time you’re Born until you’re Dead.
    Disease’s I would Like to Stall,
    the Ones when there’s No Thoughts at All.

    It’s scary Stuff to Not know You,
    or Have Control of What you Do.
    As I’m inching Up in Years,
    this Is one of My Biggest Fears.

    Something has To take it’s Place,
    if There’s only Empty Space.
    I see them Black with Wings and Things,
    and Wicked Mouth’s that Never Sings.

    I’ll attempt to Do my Part,
    exercise to Help my Heart.
    cut Big Mac’s to Twice a Week,
    Sleep eight hours I will Seek.

    It’s my Brain that’s Bothersome,
    and Not for Certain what’s to Come.
    Hope That I can Buck the Stats,
    and Rhyming Thwarts the “Bad Brain Bats!!!!”

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    You seem to be doing well so far, Bob! Your rhyming certainly hasn't fallen off in quality or quantity. No battyness apparent here yet. :-) But it is a scary thing to contemplate as we get older. I'm forgetful now, so the future is of concern.
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      Thank you - so far, so good


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        This sir is a great poem.
        I don't believe there is ever empty space. I have obseved the happy, the fearful and the sad. The mind simply has gone somewhere that we the waiting cannot yet follow.
        Personaly I am a person who experiences night terrors. I cannot describe them. Just know that they are indeed terrible. My fear is that I might be trapped in an endless cycle of such unescapable horror.

        I have a patient, who we all thought would be overcome by her physical challenges before any mental challenges would assail her. She has out lived her mind. She now appears to be trapped in a sad place from which we cannot bring her back.

        Your poem made me think these things. Thank you


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          Thank you - your comments sure hit home!