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  • Minstrel-like song lyrics

    This text is one of my first writings in English, therefore all kinds of indications, corrections and improvements (grammatical errors, stylistics, awkward word usage) are very welcome.

    * *

    This time I feel aggression, I want to stream it forth.
    Just burn them at the most southern place and freeze them at the uttermost north!
    Of those filthy swines and ugliest beasts our world has seen a great lot.
    They bait their traps, they weave their nets, devising their devilish plot.

    When you were young and candid they had started to grow their claws.
    They had dug through your hidden weaknesses and had learned how to use your flaws.
    Now they know where to push
    and they know what to pull when they want you to fetch them their loot,
    Then you twist like a rope from your pain to your hope,
    unaware that you're under their foot!

    So just open your eyes and then show them your teeth
    And regain your forgotten grace!
    Halt obeying their will, quit just crawling beneath,
    Choose to tread at your true own pace.

    Do I hear you asking "What happened? How'd they manage to bring me so low?
    Why am I still keep holding that horn they have given, which I was rather eager to blow?"
    They demanded to praise them, to wave their flag every time they were crushing your will.
    Oh, they made you believe that you live to serve well, in the name of their glory you'd kill.

    Should some curious listeners wonder
    Who they are, these old monsters so vile,
    Let them guess, let them search, let them ponder.
    They'll discover their names in a while.

    We all know where to look if we carry our guilt
    And pretend that it's light as the air.
    For these swords we have forged and these walls we have built
    Help to find us the guilty somewhere.

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    Welcome to the Rhymezone Aeolian Psycher ! I know what a minstrel is - but am not too familiar with the construction of their verse, so I don't feel qualified just yet to speak to that aspect of your work. However, I can definitely appreciate your message here. For a first write in English - I applaud. I hope to be so well versed in another language one day as to be able to write poetry or lyrics. Again, welcome!