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'you are Suthers'

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  • 'you are Suthers'

    a man is looking at himself
    in a mirror,
    saying 'you are

    the swamp out the window
    blows gas across
    his shadowed room.
    'you are Suthers'

    like a meaningful
    enchantment something
    I learned by saying
    'you are Suthers';
    it reminds me of people
    not of mirrors--
    it makes some sense
    recognizing what
    it means ...

    'you are Suthers'
    and mostly
    so am I.

    Suthers wishes nothing
    would die,
    that fear
    would leave us all
    one day.

    'you are Suthers'
    waiting, waiting,
    there is no problem
    I know who I am.

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    This is beautiful, but I think I miss something by not knowing the word "suthers". Please enlighten me


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      Do you speak of a sigh or sighers?

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    No, this is what the poem was began upon, the phrase ... "Suthers" seems like a last name, but no one I know. The fact that you don't know the word is what I wanted to happen


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      This is a lighter poem, and I see some imperfections, but that's okay. Just sharing!


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        This is a charming enigma, amenOra. I love how you've played with the identity 'Suthers'. The sound of the name is perfect for this known-unkown 'meaningful enchantment'. Zesta!


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          I took 'suthers' to be a slurring of 'those others', and while still unclear on who 'those others' are gave the poem an interesting meaning of either self-chastisement for not being true to self or of self encouragement of someone trying to fit in.
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