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Romantic Mood (Poldark sequal)

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  • Romantic Mood (Poldark sequal)

    Ross met his first love and came clean
    Spotted kissing he had been seen
    He had tried no to be so lewd
    Next series will repair romantic mood.

    Along comes Drake looking for a boyband
    Removed shirt thrilled ladies across the land
    They swooned fell where they stood
    Drake not duck stole romantic mood

    Good with his hands made love triangle
    Pledged himself gave her a bangle
    With reverend has a love feud
    Can Drake restore Morwennas romantic mood

    Drake pondlife good with toads
    Whitworth witless dreams toed
    Somethings afoot a sister lewd
    Soon will end revs romantic mood

    Demelza to a soldier tries to be kind
    Soldier thinks of her, making self go bllind
    Navigator artist poet but is no prude
    Seeks to create own romantic mood

    In the tale of heaving bosoms and lust
    Do what the shouldn't feel they must
    However they are or construed
    Desire will return and restore romantic mood

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    I enjoyed the story of your work here. I visualized various males each robbed by the other of the prize sought. Then moving on to the next conquest. Win some...


    • Parkinsonspoet
      Parkinsonspoet commented
      Editing a comment
      Story was provided by a tv series but I have adjusted it slightly to make a humourous poem

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    I haven't watched Poldark, but very much enjoy your poetic summary, Parkinsonspoet! Maybe I'll add it to my Netflix queue.