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    Social Security is a Misnomer,
    like When a Bunt turns into a Homer.
    Perhaps call it Cash of Yours in the End,
    that Goes in a Pool for Others to Spend.

    If want Security in Social Places,
    Must have the Creds to turn People’s Faces.

    Become BFF with Handsome George Clooney,
    Steve Martin, of course, when You’re feeling Looney.
    There must Be a Yacht as Big as a Ship,
    with Numerous Pools as Guests take a Dip.

    For sure There’s a Plane – my own Private Jet,
    fly Friends off to Vegas so They can Bet.
    That chest Full of Jewelry to Pass out at Will,
    a Chip in my Brain so Jokes I can Tell.

    Cash up the Butt to give to Great Causes,
    clothes in Big Closets that Give viewer's Pauses.
    There Better be Chefs and Trainers and Such,
    to Make me Feel needed – that Personal Touch.

    So Government Types who Pass Legislation,
    and If you are wanting My Adulation,
    provide All this for Me and Make sure you See,
    my “Social" "Security” has To be FREE!
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    Since my wife still works, I took my checks as soon as I was able. Three years ago. Put them directly into my 401K. Mr. Trump thank you for making me a richer man, up thirty percent. And people said I would lose money taking it early.


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      We are in the same boat; however, it is all my wife's doing. She was smart enough to invest - I was of the mind to bury it in the backyard.