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  • Limerick Manifesto

    Limerick Manifesto*

    A limerick challenge was waiting
    for rhyme (without rhythm abating).
    Words plopped into place
    to marry the pace
    while humor got stuck in the grating.

    I needed a way to unstick it
    (that laugh that was lodged in the thicket
    of whirl-minded word,
    soon written absurd)
    before all the Prosers would picket!

    Just then, in a moment inspiring
    my fingers fair flew with desiring
    the ditty below
    for gauntlet to throw
    (and get all our cylinders firing).

    The Limerick

    There once was a poet so dandy
    who lived on a beach long and sandy
    the problem so sad
    that this poet had
    was that he was not very handy.

    He often would burn his potatoes
    when cooking. To can his tomatoes,
    he took on a chef
    (with moniker “Jeff”)
    who promptly flew off to Barbados.

    When it came to cleaning or mopping,
    the poet would spend his time chopping
    up words to apply
    (in hopes they would dry)
    as cover for dust-bunny droppings.

    He’d stumble in haphazard fashion
    while trying to live out his passion
    of life by the sea;
    Alas! Woe was he!
    He never fared well on sea-rations!

    The moral; if one finds it needed,
    is happiness might be impeded,
    without and within,
    but chin up your chin,
    when life hands you limericks screeded!

    *Created for a limerick challenge at another site.

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    Very fun, RLW! I don't think I've seen anyone else write limericks here and you do them well!


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you. I believe I enjoy them at least as much as they enjoy me! They are like potato chips - I have difficulty stopping after just one.