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  • Poetically Correct

    Our future
    Built and made in China
    Our President
    Will grab your vagina

    We have a new venue
    We're testing little toys
    While the priests continue
    Molesting little boys

    Let's open some doors
    To achieve worldwide peace
    Instead of these wars
    Leaving many deceased

    Homeless veterans
    Sleep on the streets
    Lives were sacrificed
    How do you sleep

    What did they reap
    Was it freedom or peace
    Too poor to eat
    Our dumpsters have a feast

    Blacks fought for civil rights
    It's now about gay rights
    Silent in the closet
    During the Civil Rights fight

    No problem with gay people
    God said it's abomination
    Obama made it legal
    I guess it's Obama's nation

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    Mixed emotions pleased to see you back great points made early in poem but loses its waycompletely at the end whicch undermines its value. Shame


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      Parkinsonpoet....I'm ashamed of you for turning a blind eye to the truth....if this is a Christian nation like it proclaims then we'll never set LAWS going against GOD....nothing I said was incorrect.....remember my title POETICALLY CORRECT....thanks for your feedback even though I disagree with your comment
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      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
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        Is this a tongue-in-cheek?
        God-fearing never did go well,
        and while it's waited
        where is hell?

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      Definitely not, I guess you're blind to the truth also but you and Parkinsonpoet must be running out of material because both of you titled your poems like mine Poetically Correct, let me asked both of you WHY? My mother told me imitation is the best form of flattery and I'm flattered lol


      • Parkinsonspoet
        Parkinsonspoet commented
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        my poem was titled due to its content which was influenced by you but I am puzzled what gives you the idea that god disapproves of gay people. No I am not rhymetime

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      I admire how you stand up for your convictions poemahontas.


      • Poemahontas
        Poemahontas commented
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        Thank you, I'm no actress but I see them everywhere...wolves in sheep clothing...I know how fake people can be so I never try to fit in.....I'd rather stand out.....thanks again AlexandratheLate

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      It seems to me that you are searching for something to be angry about. Please feel free to be angry with me. I am white, I am male, I am gay.
      What I am not is, out of material or blind to truth or interested in copying you.


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        Rhymetime, are you johntee or parkinsonpoet?? Anyways, who cares that you're gay white me, I sure don't, why are you so BUTT HURT.... I specifically called their names like I'm directly speaking to you...mad? You're the one butt hurt by me exercising my freedom of mother is white and my father is black so what about your whiteness again


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          So rhymetime has mutiple accounts...parkinsonpoet + john tee = just exposed yourself with your comments, the truth always comes to the light.....I don't write to make friends, this is one of my talents that I'm sharing with the world free of charge and I will not entertain you haters hating on my poetry......take that bs elsewhere because I don't care if you give me a fake comment or like.....I do this for me and people who love the truth not some A holes who get butt hurt if you don't support their ideology, haters please stay away, I love crushing lies with the truth..


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            Poetically Correct


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              Being fake is the new real.......


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                Poemahontas I can asureyou I am neither rhymetime or Johntee but I thank you i take it as a compliment that you think I could be either of those. I think somebody reminded me here once God reserves the right to judge others it may even have been you.


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                  Your own words "I think somebody reminded me here once God reserves the right to judge others it may even have been you" THEY WHY ARE YOU JUDGING ME, FOR ACKNOWLEDGING GODS WORDS.......I DON'T CONDONE OR CONDEMN HOMOSEXUALITY AND NOT ONCE HAVE I BASHED GAY PEOPLE.....SO TAKE THAT BS SOMEWHERE ELSE, I WILL NOT DEBATE FACTS......ONLY ACKNOWLEDGED THEM


                  • Parkinsonspoet
                    Parkinsonspoet commented
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                    Where have i judged I ask question that you do not answer. you will not debate facts-we are told to use our talents fully. If these are gods truths wouldn't he expect everything done to explain them. Show me the facts show me the truth or are you hiding gods light under a bushel

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                  If you're religious then I'll explain but if you're not let me know I'll still explain after your answer


                  • Parkinsonspoet
                    Parkinsonspoet commented
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                    I believe but am not very religious

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                  Poetically Correct ​​​​​