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    Spinning Butts Shot.JPG
    Some folks Just might Call me Crazy,
    hopefully Not known as Lazy.
    Sitting down Can be Relaxing,
    Spinning Butts is rather Taxing.

    My calm Face just a Veneer,
    Time and Space - they Disappear.
    Worries in my Life are Gone,
    I’m just Focused hanging On.

    Was too Young to ride Alone,
    Volunteered – so why – Unknown?
    Was it Fun – I can’t Pretend,
    just Wishing that it soon would End.

    “Let’s go Again” she Said to Me.
    I had to Fake a Malady.
    One more Ride would Not end Well,
    Grandpa’s meal - Fly out and Smell.
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    The things you do for your children and grandchildren. And on top of the points you got for riding with her, you got a fun set of rhymes!


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      It certainly did not come to mind until many hours after the fact - I was still recovering.


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        You're a good Grandpa! I used to love those rides when I was younger. I haven't been on one in a long while. I wonder how I'd fare today?


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          i think one and done for me