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    So, I'll lie awake on this rocky beach
    With my head full of sand and bad memories
    You told me you felt safe in the arms of the forest
    And I said I'd never go away until the spark became too much to bear

    Now the mountain came to us but we couldn't climb
    Because, because our perspective was at odds with the even keel of this sinking ship
    And oh I couldn't hear one more word about that anchor called forgiveness
    Because, because forgiveness is just the gateway to forgetting and I won't forget

    No, I won't forget you
    Even when the world crashes down around my ears
    Oh, heaven is coming down here
    I know the angels sing their perfect songs but if they,
    If they aren't singing of you I don't want to hear

    I hear
    I hear angels cursing loud like
    Like trains in the still night
    Blowing decibels like churches
    Towering tight against my eyes
    They sound like
    Screeching eagles clawing at the track
    But the refuse to see that there's no going back

    Because we said we'd never be this way
    A silent promise in the deafness of anger
    Said we'd never be this way
    But I kept my fingers crossed
    Like, like, perpendicular lines still hot from the friction of use
    I burnt all down my insides
    Because, because I know there's nothing in the world that can keep me from you

    Even death concedes that I just won't turn blue
    She watches me wait for you
    In a forest made of ash
    Whispers sweet nothings about the comfort of the black

    But I refuse, I refuse to give in
    And I won't forget to forgive myself
    You always told me that comes first
    The world is easier to live with if I can learn to live with myself
    But I can't keep living this life without your help

    So I'll wait by the ocean where salt water rises to tug at my feet
    You'll be nowhere and right here because I just can't let it go
    There's fear in the moon, that crazy old man is looking for us
    I never knew what for
    Pushing and pulling the sea until we can't swim anymore

    And the waves will pull me under
    To the depths I'll await your forgiveness
    When I'm bluer than the darkest indigo
    Oh, I'll be passing through Atlantis
    And I'll tell those sunken people of you and your eyes like a sunrise without an ending

    And they'll never forget you
    Long after I have passed
    And their stars aren't the same as ours
    Just lights passing in the distance
    But they'll name them all after you
    And your forgiveness

    Oh, please forgive them
    Bring them back to light
    Give them my sunset
    And hold me to the end of the line

    Where the rocks aren't so sharp
    And the ocean ain't so deep
    The train is coming fast
    And I can finally sleep

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    Wow, Bison, this took me on a ride! There are many wonderful parts about it along with the whole: the use of repetition; the piling of metaphors; and the phrases! The one that jumped out the most for me was ''A silent promise in the deafness of anger''. Very well done!


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      Oh my goodness - simply wonderful tribute - so much to love about this.

      For me, some of the repetitions worked better than others, but the overall tone and feeling I got was much like Muttado1sb - the motion of journey. This one, despite the underlying passion, sounds to have been trying to the marrow of your being. I'm sorry for your loss.