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  • The road


    This time of year is my least favorite

    I'm going away to take a long breather

    Yo may all know I'm a big dreamer

    I want to leave the pain the tears and the drama

    Just me and my car and a life of freedom

    As I take this journey I know I will never be beaten

    This life has taken me all ready for a long ride

    And all I can tell you I really tried

    There was never any one close to confide in

    I wish my life was simple

    So my life wouldn't be crippled

    A new home, new faces I'm finally getting my space

    This old life of mind I cannot bare

    For me its hard to sleep,but I don't want to show I'm scared

    I finally said my last goodbyes

    Sure I know there will be tears

    As I think about the past years

    I gave the dogs one great big hug

    Because I know they will miss my dad smiley mug

    And everyone that were near to my heart

    I don't know how long I will be away

    I will just take it day by day

    So please don't cry for me

    Sometimes I just want to be free

    At this time in my life I'm just really sad and lonely inside

    I know I will miss my friend, family and especially my dad

    I will always miss you all

    And I will always remember to call

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    The brave act of trying to find yourself. Good thing you'll remember to call. But while looking, remember, as Granny Weatherwax says in Terry Pratchett's ''Witches Abroad'', ''I'm right here.''