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A Naive Set (Numeracy Poems for Johntee)

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  • A Naive Set (Numeracy Poems for Johntee)

    Even Odds

    to see
    as a truth
    the one that's even
    could be thought the odd man out
    among the unique oddities that are Prime
    Sequence and Lies

    it starts
    and curling away
    spreading wider with each spiral
    until it overtakes the truth like a con's shell game
    The Pie Case

    To reach the
    making a choice
    has to understand
    pies have infinite variety
    but there
    is only so much room
    in the display case
    to show them

    The poems of this set each use a mathematical theme as the basis for structure (hinted in each), an idea that arose after reading Johntee's ''Awkward Evolution''.
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    Primes, Fibannaci, and Pi - a trio of cleverness abounding with these little gems Muttado1sb. You are obviously a numbers man - if I was a gambling girl, I'd place high odds on that!

    I love this melding of words and numerology that highlights both syllable count and variety. Hats off and top drawer zestas!


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thank you, RLW! It was a bit of fun once I derived the idea from Johntee's poem.

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    Well done, Muttado, this is clever indeed; and kudos to you too, Rhymist, for cracking the code.


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      Thank you, grant! As I said to RLW, it was a bit of fun.

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    Ramping denary
    you outpace me,
    left standing
    at base 2


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thanks, Johntee! Just throwing variables at your idea. And thanks for the new word, denary. By the way, when counting on your fingers with binary around friends be careful of four (and I guess six where you live. ;-)
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    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      I too, appreciate the new word Johntee. Thanks. Odd I'd never heard it living in a base 10 world.