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  • Emaculate Dreadlocks

    Last edited by Suz-zen; 11-15-2017, 09:21 PM.

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    Brainwreck Hi and good morning! Thank you for reading this and the like! I appreciate it.


    • Brainwreck
      Brainwreck commented
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      Though sounding sad, it becomes so lovely when I say it from my lips. I am concrete
      person, so I need a little help with the last line. Not sure what it is supposed to be,
      but it intrigues me to find out. A little help.

    • Suz-zen
      Suz-zen commented
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      I felt sadness
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    Sounds like you met God, Suz-zen. Jokes all unspoken.


    • Suz-zen
      Suz-zen commented
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      yes, grant hayes. as i walked along and days later this is how i felt. unspoken yet communicated. A hint to this was the ending of one line to the beginning of the next:

      Somewhat veiled..
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    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      I thought I'd commented on this when I first read it. Basically - what Grant said.

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    Dead Sea

    Following my usual habit
    I took the time to misread it
    as Emasculate Dreadlocks
    and waited Delilah's shears
    on the Shock-Jock, fears
    front till, granted Grant's insight,
    (this time unknowing he put me right)
    I recut the scene from Gath to Galilee.


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      There is a beautiful sadness in this Suzzen. It touches the soul.


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        AlexandratheLate Thank you for reading this and sharing your reaction. It is much the same as my experience of the inspiration.


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          Back on the library's internet today , now I see why I misread the title as Emasculate, but Grant spotted the Immaculate intention. Soundalike but not Readalike I spent a couple of days wondering what twisted nerve in my brain was responsible for the plait.