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    The life of a dog could be easy or hard

    They stay all day just guarding your yard

    Sometimes they will sleep all night

    And then wake up before the sun shines bright

    And they just start barking

    As you yell at them they just sit there staring

    When you go outside they just sit up and bark for no reason

    I guess you can just say that they are pissed that you are leaving

    When you go to job and you had a hard day at work

    The dogs make sure you come home to a lot of housework

    One night you decide to take the dog for a walk

    Some how you were hoping to make it around the block

    Next thing you know a big husky dog comes around the corner

    And then your dog is tugging to go forward

    In your mind you know that they just want to fight

    And the way the dogs eyes look it was ready to bite

    Next thing you know the dogs are face to face

    Each one of them was giving the other some space

    They look at each other and just stared

    I thought that was some thing that was really rare

    I guess deep down they just wanted to play

    And then both dogs decided to go their own way

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    Love dog poems Tony and this one is no exception. Dog is God!


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      A wonderful poem! I adore dogs, and I believe that there is no animal more devoted than a dog. When I moved into a new house, I immediately decided to have a dog. I visited several shelters until I found a lovely corgi puppy. Several days were preparing documents so that I could pick up the puppy. During this time, I decided to prepare a house for a new tenant. I went to the pet store and bought a puppy bed, bowls for food and water, food, and many different toys. The same evening I read information about puppies of this breed. And then somehow I stumbled upon, which interested me. It is not always possible to keep track of puppies when they run around the yard. So I decided to install an invisible fence system to keep track of the puppy. In the end, I want him to be okay. When I took the puppy, my happiness knew no bounds. This dog is the best thing that ever happened to me.
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        I am crying while reading this. My beloved shepherd Stacy died yesterday. She was only 8 years old but she had cancer. I loved this girl, she was just a princess. She liked to walk with me in the park in the city center and ate only fresh pet food. She liked to put her head in my lap and lick my cheek when I was sad. Rest in peace, angel. I will always love you.
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          Cybermonster Sorry to hear about Stacy. Take care


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            I love dogs. Great job TonySP.