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do we need more poems about the moon? (inspired by lunar glide and his poetry)

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  • do we need more poems about the moon? (inspired by lunar glide and his poetry)

    do we need more poems about the moon?
    how the light can move us
    when shadows will loom

    will there be a new twist on the silly crescent?
    when sadness pours its soul
    upon the darkness of our fate

    what more will one say to the gibbous?
    scream epithets in madness
    when impatience steams for fullnesss

    where is the lost new moon?
    when poets linger and look to unlock
    anger’s monsoon

    how can a 'lunar-lad' glide?
    anew with the freshest of views-

    your answer lies when you see it you cry.

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    Suz-zen I love this adorable poem and I think you are so right. The day that I stop my busy life to just watch and weep at the beauty if the moon would be a sad day, indeed. Thanks so much for the write!


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      A day or a life without moon poetry is like a day or a life without soul. Perish the thought. Keep gliding Suz-zen and LG!


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        I am with you Bobby


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          Never enough poems about the moon!


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            To write engagingly with one theme in mind, as lunar glide has done with his corpus of moon poems, is a great challenge. Lunar glide has shown the Zone not only that it can be done, but that it can be done exceedingly well. To me, this poem functions like a kind of rationale for that corpus, presented as a series of rhetorical questions that paradoxically have an irrefutable answer.


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              Darthvader Bobby Del Boy Parkinsonspoet AnatoliyS grant hayes I thank you all for reading this and taking your time to comment. I look at the moon and engage with the moon and the stars and the sky in different ways and feel at a loss for an original thought. Reading lunar glide I at times feels impotent to ever write a new thought and this poem was born. Thank you all for the encouragement.


              • lunar glide
                lunar glide commented
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                I'm thrilled by the reception here! all of the poets here are influential. Suzzen you are highly original!

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              LG is a great inspiration! Nothing like chasing the moon with his words close to my heart! He has brought us all the magical love of the moon! This is a beautiful tribute to him Suz-Zen, Thank you!


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                Oh so nice. Suz-Zen. I always search for the lost new moon. I don't know lunar glide, but will soon.