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Thank God for Global Warming

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  • Thank God for Global Warming

    I thought I'd post my poem again I posted in 2015 , it had a few mistakes in it so I hopefully addressed them , thanks E. John

    Thank God for Global Warming ( c ) Glen Mitton 2015

    What is it about global warming we fear ?
    If it didn't happen we wouldn't be here
    The massive glaciers that covered the ground
    Would still be here frozen hanging around
    Thank God they melted and receded
    It gave us the space that we needed
    When they melted there was no shame
    There was no finger pointing no one to blame
    We didn't do it , what happened ? what was done ?
    To those big glaciers basking in the sun ?
    Which brings us up to speed and the ongoing assault
    The evil doers want to make us pay , like it's our fault
    These groups of people play upon the fears
    As they have done through out the years
    Scare tactics with stories of fire and brimstone
    A constant barrage of the synthetic syndrome
    If the evil doers with their agenda try hard enough
    They hope maybe they ( we ) will believe in this stuff
    Their solution of course a " Carbon Tax " imagine that
    A self serving idea pulled out of their N.W.O. hat
    With no regard they punch us in our already bruised side
    Restricting our progress , wealth , independence and pride
    It's anti American , anti everything it's a communist ploy
    To underscore our nation of the freedoms we enjoy
    You will see tempers not the temperature start to rise
    When black outs and brown outs cause havoc and demise
    Last winter in the mid-west it was nine below zero here
    A record setting season for that year
    This is the Dharma the natural cycle like everything else
    People live and die , water freezes and then it melts
    The sky is not falling Mr. Chicken Little
    Don't let them invade your brain and make it brittle
    Whether or not you believe , weather happens in patches
    If it's too rough for you , move , or batten down the hatches
    There are more important problems down here on earth
    Problems that effect all of us , that really merit worth
    Like crime , hunger , disease, especially dysentery
    That one's right up the alley for all you dignitaries
    We have the knowledge and in our hearts to bloom
    Thank God for global warming for giving us the room

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    i really liked "we have the knowledge and in our hearts to bloom" .


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      you can be convinced of this.
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        Glen MItton There you go again, making sense.